Services for Female Patients in the UAE

Learn about the facilities for woman’s healthcare in Abu Dhabi. From gynecologists to mammograms we have all the details here!

Abu Dhabi health programs for women are plentiful. Being in a foreign place with a health condition and in need of an attention can be quite daunting, especially when you happen to be in a country where language can be a barrier, like in Abu Dhabi.

Unforeseen diseases and health risks can arise during a visit in Abu Dhabi. It is therefore important to know what medical services are available to non-residents like you. If you are living in Abu Dhabi the services that you are eligible for also differ to those of the local Emirati people.

Abu Dhabi boosts a wide-ranging network of healthcare systems including both public and private hospitals. Expats will be assured of receiving high quality of treatment but it does pay to research your options and get recommendations for people like Your Abu Dhabi Guide!

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Free Treatments

First, treatment is free, but only during emergency cases and at public hospitals only.

Hence, you might consider checking the full list of public and private institutions in the area you are living as private hospitals will charge fully for any medical services rendered.

Nevertheless, non-emergency situations call for payments both in the public and private healthcare sectors. Since you are an expat your company or your spouse’s company is required by law to provide you with adequate expat health insurance. In addition, if you hire a maid you are responsible for providing medical insurance for her.

Second, since free Abu Dhabi health service treatment is only very limited for few cases at public hospitals, visitors should be reminded that follow-up treatment, including diagnostics, will be charged accordingly.

We rushed my husband to the hospital in Al Ain shortly after arriving in the UAE, with what turned out to be a kidney stone and the service and care was excellent- at the end we asked how much we needed to pay and were told there was no charge, We did have private medical coverage but didn’t need to show our card as this was a public hospital. So my advice is to find out where are the public and private hospitals near you as soon as you can-don’t wait for a problem and then try to find it!

Treatments can be so expensive that Abu Dhabi’s Ministry of Health advises visitors to secure medical insurance that covers all major and minor illnesses and to carry proof of insurance with you so you can present it upon admission to the hospital.

With your medical card, follow-up treatments will be covered by your insurance and thus lower your expenses quite a bit.

Unless you come from cholera or yellow fever infected country health certificates from your own country are generally not required.

Its much better to book an appointment as you willl be given priority whereas if you just show up you may have a long wait ahead unless you have a clear emergency.

Walk-ins are given the next available free slot but this does not guarantee that you would be see anytime soon-so beware and even call on your way there if possible to shorten your wait!

Standards of Prenatal Care

Just recently the Health Authority-Abu Dhabi (HAAD), the country’s health care regulatory body, launched the Antenatal Standard to all health facilities and health professionals in the Emirates, a set of standards aiming to cover the care needed by pregnant from conception till birth.

According to HAAD, antenatal care is covered with the basic insurance product but for those non-UAE nationals, their benefits should be in accordance to their insurance’s policy.

Nonetheless, the HAAD recommends that all pregnant women should be offered a series of antenatal appointments with each visits consisting of screening appropriate for the stage of pregnancy including ultrasound, health education along with counseling and further precautionary measures.

A woman who is pregnant for the first time without known complications is advised to have a total of ten antenatal visit schedules while those with uncomplicated pregnancy of 2 or more, seven appointments are satisfactory.

Gynecology in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi’s health care system also offers varied services for any gynecological dilemmas.

Generally speaking, the gynecological services available in the Emirates includes but not limited to the overall treatments of female reproductive organ’s diseases, urogynecology, menstrual disorders, infertility, contraception and genital/vaginal infections.

Specialized gynecological operations for various obstetrics and gynecological situations needing surgery, such as hysteroscopy, colposcopy, laparoscopy and lapatoromy, are similarly offered.

Mammograms and other services

Several screening programs are also accessible like breast self-examination and ultrasound, mammography, Pap smear, transvaginal scanning, HPV detection and vaccination and tumor marking.

One of the best places to go to through in terms of renowned obstetric and gynecological services and facilities is in Corniche Hospital, a leading maternity hospital in the Middle East managed by John Hopkins Medicine International. For a full list of Abu Dhabi Hospitals and Clinics.

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