Expat Life – Moving Overseas to Live or Work

What is an expatriate? When you hear the word expatriate, what comes into your mind? The definition of expatriate is simply someone that is living abroad away from their motherland.

It can be for work purpose or any other kind of leisure activity or whatever. So what is an expatriate?

is no formal reason for being an expat.

Difference between Immigrants and Expats -What is an Expatriate?

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So now you ask, what is the difference between an immigrant and an expatriate? An immigrant is someone who moves away from their motherland with no intentions of coming back.

As an immigrant you will give up your current citizenship to become a citizen of the country you are going to. As an expatriate, you are only leaving your country with plans on coming back.

In the older times the definition of expatriate was also linked with exile. Exile is basically getting kicked out of your country and moved into foreign land. Your country will no longer acknowledge you. You do not hear of too many exile cases these days, due to the extensive immigration and naturalization laws of every country.

Working as an expatriate also has laws of its own. Expat life offers lots of ups and downs. Because you are not a legal citizen, the labor laws are different in some countries for expatriates.

You might not be able to work as many hours as citizens, or get the major high paying jobs. This is not because of racism or hate crimes, but simply because of the economic impact of the country giving outsiders jobs.

There are a lot of online sites and forums based on expatriates and their stories. If you are an expatriate and would like to meet more people like you, you can surely find them online.

Forums have many topics that might be in interest to expatriates including labor laws of different countries, and what benefits you have.

Being an expatriate has its benefits and its downfalls.

  • If you are deciding to go work in a different country, it would be wise to research the place you are relocating to so you know what you are getting yourself into.
  • Being an expatriate is amazing but you need to know of the technicalities and repercussions of moving overseas. Good research is key to any decisions about living abroad.

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