Summer, Spring, Winter and Fall in the UAE

The Weather in Abu Dhabi ranges from lovely pleasant summery days (in winter!) to scorching hot weather in summer that becomes a bit unbearable!

We are talking fry an egg on the sidewalk hot! Thank goodness for air conditioning! Read on to find out how the weather varies by month and season.

Although the seasons are not as clear as in Europe or North America there are definite drops and rises in temperature to be aware of when planning a trip to the UAE!

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June, July, August
This type of year is scorching with August being the peak! With temperatures up to 55 degrees it is hard to tolerate and most people retreat to air conditioned malls or homes!

Schools have the holidays then so often expat families escape for part of this rather uncomfortable time-weather wise! The worst thing is burning your hands on the steering wheel of the car!

Beware also with children the belt buckles will burn if touched. Even zippers on clothing get red hot after a few minutes outdoors!

For most this is the worst of weather in Abu Dhabi and thus the mass exodus to cooler climates!


September, October, November

A great time to visit, the weather is quite pleasant especially from Mid October.

September can still be brutally hot at times. But as it cools down people emerge and the beaches and streets light up with outings and kids playing in parks!

October and November are very pleasant, beachgoing days! November offers wonderful weather for Formula One and all the great concerts that accompany it!


December, January, February

It starts to cool down in December and it can actually feel quite chilly. If you have been in Abu Dhabi during the previous months your body will have accalimarised and you will actually feel the cold!

My husband always jokes with me that I am a Canadian from Northern Quebec yet I need 3 blankets, sweaters and slippers once December comes.

It gets down to about 14-16 degrees. I even have a space heater!

Those visiting during this time may find the weather in Abu Dhabi to still be warm enough to stroll outside but probably not to go for a swim or to the beach!


March, April, May

Spring is lovely almost perfect weather.

Very pleasant and you will see everyone enjoying the beaches and walks on the corniche! This is a great time for a holiday as you can make the most of the beautiful climate!

Tourism in Abu Dhabi peaks at this time of year as well (apart from the November Formula one races!)

What month do you think has the best weather in Abu Dhabi?

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