Abu Dhabi and Dubai Visas

Visiting the UAE is usually quite a straightforward process, albeit for working visas there can be many documents needed!

There are quite a few types of UAE visas.For example, tourist visas, working visas and business visas are just a few!

Each visa has a different length of stay and requirements for application.

Below we look at the main types of visas and how to apply for each one.

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If you have any questions check out our FAQ Page.

Our Tip: For business or work visas prepare at least 20 passport size photos-you will go through them quickly!!

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UAE Work Visas

If you are planning to move to UAE for a job, then you must find a sponsor. This could be arranged by a person residing in the UAE or a company who will sponsor you.

You can apply for the temporary work visas (H1B) but before you apply, make sure that you meet the requirements to apply for the visa, that is, the applicant should have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent degree or in the case of professional jobs such as chef, the relevant practical experience.

When you analyze the visa requirements for UAE, you will see that first you need to get a UAE residential permit which will enable you to get a labor card.

It is this labor card that is used to get employment in UAE. The residential visa needs to be sponsored by a relative or by the company.

Once you have been sponsored by the company, the law makes in mandatory for the company to account for all the formalities to get you the employment visa. So the best way to get into UAE would be to get sponsored by the company as they would then take care of the formalities.

For the approval of working visa or maid visa, there are certain other requirements including:

  • your passport needs to hav the validity of at least 6 months.
  • no Israeli stamps in your passport

If you become a UAE resident you will need to apply for an ID card. Details on the process are found here.

Details on getting your residency visa in your passport are talked about here!

Business Visas in the UAE

There is also the Abu Dhabi business visa (or UAE business visa) one can opt for if you have a are coming to work on a short term basis or conduct meetings in the UAE.

This visa is generally opted for when you go for business meetings or similar purposes and in most cases, the company you are visiting will make full arrangement for these kinds of visas for their employees or business guests.

If your spouse is accompanying you, you should have your marriage certificate with you in case you are asked for it. Other than that, the essential documents like the ones proving your qualification details need to be carried with you.

Tourist Visas

If you are just going to visit the country to explore the place, then you can apply for a tourist visa which will provide you with a fixed number of days to make the visit.

If you happen to be a citizen of a Gulf country you don’t require a visa then your passport is more than enough.

If you are a passport holder of an approved country, then you can get a free-of-charge, single visit visa. The countries in this list are UK, New Zealand USA, Japan and a couple of others.

Canada recently became a paid visa candidate due to a disagreement with the UAE so unfortunately, it is quite expensive for Canadians to enter the UAE now!

A declaration signed by the applicant and 1 passport photograph which is not older than 6 month is required.

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