Experience the Arabic Culture of Abu Dhabi and Dubai

The United Arab Emirates culture is rich and interesting! With such a short history but with such great change to have transpired the culture is a testament to the people of this great country! Learn more here about everything from the poetry to the clothing.

Although there are many similarities among the culture of the Gulf nations, each has its own distinct traditions and history.

Arabic Poetry

Learn about the history of famous Arabic poets. Poetry is one of the forms through which the Arabic culture is brought out for the world to embrace. If you speak or understand the Arabic language then you can easily relate to the deep richness in culture and beliefs penned by Arabic poets. If you not an Arabic speaker you may still enjoy poetry readings as the language is a beautiful sing song of words.

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Music and Dance

The Khalili music uses the traditional drum – Tabl. The oud is a famous Arabic musical instrument. Learn more here! Learn also about the traditional dances of the UAE in which Emirati men and women dance separately. I still remember the great excitement of seeing groups of men dancing outside hotels to celebrate local weddings. Read more here!


Henna or Arabic Tatoos

Arabic henna designs as an important part of Emirati culture. The henna plant has been used since the Bronze Age for dyeing skin, leather, silk, wool and hair. It is amazing to see the gorgeous designs the local women have made on their hands. We always take visitors to have a go when they visit us in Abu Dhabi too! Learn more!

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Learn all about the famous Arabian falcon and the sport of falconry popular in the UAE! If you have the chance to visit the Falcon Hospital or go to a desert camp and see the falcons up close-we highly recommend it! Check out our falconry tips here.

Emirati Clothing

The local Emirati people wear distinct clothing. Learn all about the traditional clothing of the UAE and the meaning and history behind it! From the kandura to the abaya- read more here!

Islamic Religion

Read more about the Islamic religion and the Muslim beleifs. Also find out about the celebrations of the land such as Ramadan and Eid

Bedouin Culture

Read here about the bedouin people of the UAE. Learn about their rich culture and heritage.

Royal Family

Learn more about the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, the UAE Royal family and what it means to be a sheikh or a sheika! More info here!

Middle East Countries and Maps

Wondering what countries surround the UAE? Learn more about the Middle East with this great map and overview of the countries!

Arab People

Read more about the traditions and customs of the Arab People of UAE

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