Speeding Tickets, Parking Fines and More

It is very easy to get a speeding ticket in the UAE and especially in Abu Dhabi! Beware!! Parking tickets are not as common but still occur in certain areas.

I myself was shocked to find a series of speeding tickets including two on one day when I check last year. Actually, I had been checking regularly and always saw a message saying I had no fines but then was told I needed to enter both numbers on the license into the system to get the true account-what a shock!!

There are many speed cameras and this is the most common way to get a ticket. Of course, police with radars are also found at the side of the road. If you are stopped by the police you will get a ticket in Arabic. However, if you are caught by a speed camera you will find out only when you renew or transfer vehicle registration or if you check online.

You will not be able to reregister your vehicle until you have paid outstanding fines. Make sure if you are buying a second-hand car you check for any outstanding tickets as they will all be transferred into your name if you don’t!

I went to the Abu Dhabi Police Department with an Arabic speaking friend and was told I could apply to have my fines halved. All I had to do was ask and they were halted on the spot. Not sure if this is still available but it is worth asking!

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Abu Dhabi Traffic Points Scheme

Be aware that there is a points system in place in Abu Dhabi. Each person starts with 24 points and speeding and other infractions reduce these points. Certain infractions including driving 60 km over the speed limit result in large numbers of points being removed. If you lose more than 12 points you may have your car impounded for three months or pay a fine of 3000AED. Check if you have any fines here (Abu Dhabi)

Check if you have any fines here (Dubai)

Don’t forget their is 100% no alcohol allowed in your bloodstream in the UAE. If you are stopped your car will be impounded, you will be put in jail and then deported. Pay your Abu Dhabi fines online

Please note information on this page may change as the laws of Abu Dhabi are frequently updated.

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