United Arab Emirates National Day

UAE National day is a great event!

The United Arab Emirate (UAE) was established on December 2nd, 1971 and each year on that date is celebrated Abu Dhabi Day, a festival of competitions, parades, and events which mark the anniversary of the founding of the UAE.

Also known as UAE National Day and Abu Dhabi National Day, this annual event rivals the rich pageantry and founding of independence of other national holidays such as the 4th of July in the United States or Bastille Day in France, while celebrating the unique spirit and progress of this small, but important Arabic nation.

The “Spirit of Union” was the theme present during the formation of this important nation as the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan met with the Highness Rulers of the Emirates and announced the formation of the United Arab Emirates back in December 2nd, 1971.

Last year during the 40th anniversary of National Day as it is called by many in the capital city, a plethora of events and celebrations began back on November 1st of that year which helped to boost the pride and nationalist fervor felt by the proud citizens of this nation. The culture, history and grand achievements of this still young nation were on full display and caught the attention of people around the globe with its grand and beautiful events that built up to December 2nd, the National Day.

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The Emirates

All seven of the emirates had formed into a single nation coordinated their efforts to provide a unified program that showed off the diversity of their individual cultures, yet promotes a strong, central national feeling that reflected the growth, achievement, and history that this nation enjoys.

Celebrations occur in mass. They all started with a stunning fireworks display in Abu Dhabi itself as National Day got off to a roaring start.

The fireworks continued for the entire month and made Abu Dhabi National Day one to remember as the buildup was both impressive and versatile with the sheer number of events and happenings.

All the important landmarks, such as the Al Jahili Fort, for example, were beautifully decorated and included advanced 3D projections to help bring together people from all part of the country in celebration of UAE National Day. The events ranged from small gatherings in towns and villages which marked the Abu Dhabi National Day to large-scale concerts featuring the most popular singers and groups who performed in Abu Dhabi to large audiences.

Of all the events which marked Abu Dhabi National Day, none was more spectacular than the choreographed show in Zayed Sports City complex which featured over 40,000 participants that celebrated all the rich cultural, historical and modern progress of this nation in full view of the world.

UAE National Day was celebrated like no other in the world and the future certainly looks bright for this star of the Persian Gulf to continue to hold the attention of the world like it did on National Day.

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