Best Air Carriers in the United Arab Emirates

The national UAE airlines are Etihad Airways which is based in Abu Dhabi and Emirate Airlines based in Dubai. Apart from that there are several smaller airlines which are based in other airports in the UAE.

When checking for flights to the UAE check first with the two mentioned above and then the airlines which are called “low cost” or “budget” airlines. If you have the money try one of the UAE private luxury jets, and depending where you are flying from you may find one of the foreign airlines which reach the UAE more convenient.

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The Abu Dhabi Airline

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The national airline of the United Arab Emirate is Etihad Airways they fly to and from Abu Dhabi Airport to 68 countries throughout the world. The national airline was recently named as World’s Leading airline at the World Travel Awards. With 3 cabin classes there is a price to suit everyone and in the Diamond First Class you will feel like you are in a hotel room in the sky, there is even a flat lying bed. Even in the Coral Economy Class you have a personal T.V. screen, a high-comfort pillow, a travel pack for over night flights and a choice of three course meals with hot desserts. The seats have also been ergonomically designed for comfort.

There are Etihad Airways airport lounges in every destination they fly to for Diamond First Class and Pearl Business Guests. For these travelers there is also a free limousine service in 12 of the airline’s destinations.

Etihad also has a Loyalty Club where you earn points for every flight you take and can redeem the points either as a cabin upgrade or a flight ticket. Etihad also cooperates with partners so that you can earn and spend points with them too. Some of the partners include hotels, shops and even 15 airlines including American Airlines.

Emirates Airline

This is the biggest of the UAE airlines and is operating out of Dubai International Airport and it is the flag carrier of Dubai. They offer an extensive service to Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, Africa and the East. Like Etihad there is a complimentary chauffeur service for First and Business class travelers.

The Emirate planes offer special lighting to combat jetlag and in First Class you will be in a private suite onboard and even the opportunity to have a shower, sleep in a flat bed, choose from the dine-on-demand menu and close the door to your private suite. They have 3 classes, First, Business and Economy.

Business Class also has flat beds as well as an onboard lounge, laptop charging and in-seat phone service. Economy class has multi-course meals, phone and email services at every seat and the seats are designed for comfort.

Emirates is on a par with Etihad and offers many services and convenient extras.

There are a number of other smaller UAE airlines based here as well as a selection of private luxury airlines.

Other UAE Airlines

Air Arabia is based at Sharjah International Airport and is one of the budget UAE airlines. They do not fly from Dubai. , a charter airline, operates out of Sharjah airport. Click Airways, a charter airline operating out of Sharjah airport, it is a low cost airline which flies to Iraq, Djibouti and Afghanistan.

Daallo Airlines operating out of Dubai airport and based at Djibouti Ambouli airport. They fly mainly to East Africa and the Middle East.

Dolphin Air, a charter airline, is based in Dubai and flies to Pakistan and the Middle East.

Dubai Royal Air Wing is the Dubai government airline, not to be confused with the Kuwait based or Jordan based Royal Wings. Eastern SkyJets, a charter airline, operates out of Dubai airport and flies to the Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asia.

FlyDubai is a low cost airline established by the Dubai government operating out of Dubai airport. They fly to over 46 destinations in the East, Middle East and Europe. This is definitely one to check out when you are booking your flight to the UAE.

Palm Aviation, a charter airline, based in Dubai.

Skylink, a charter airline, is based in Dubai.

RAK Airways is a low cost airline based in Ras Al Khaimah International Airport which flies to Africa, Asia and the sub-continent.

Eastern Express Airlines is a new budget airline which was supposed to be launched in 2012 but which has been delayed. If and when the airline starts operating it will connect Fujairah with Abu Dhabi.

There are 62 other foreign airlines which land in Abu Dhabi international airport, the biggest of these airlines are Turkish Airlines, Jordanian Airlines and Ukraine Airlines.

When searching for low cost convenient flights to the United Arab Emirates start with the national carriers but if they don’t offer a flight to suit you then use the above list to find the perfect flight for you.

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Share your UAE airlines tips and suggestions? Who do you like Emirates or Eithad?

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