Transportation in Abu Dhabi

Getting Around the UAE Captial

Need help getting around Abu Dhabi? Over the years Abu Dhabi has evolved to to a bustling metropolis.

You can now explore Abu Dhabi by public transport, hiring a vehicle or taxi. They have improved the roads, so it’s relatively painless to find your way to shopping and attractions. Though be sure you have a good map as the street names are not well known by the taxi drivers!

They’ve installed a number of buses and taxi systems that are easy to use. You can also walk or ride a bike through the city, although, at times, it will be too hot to walk the streets.

Abu Dhabi Taxi Guide

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Taxis here are cheap and efficient. It is very easy to flag a taxi down in most areas or to call for one to come to you. Abu Dhabi is run with landmarks not road names so be sure to be able to describe where you are clearly!

The taxi services are regulated by Centre for Regulation of Transport by Hire Cars (TransAD), so keep a look out for pink taxis, which are for females only, plus children, and gold, silver, or white taxis for others.

You can book a taxi in advance by calling 600 535353 or hail one as it goes by one of the shopping centers or attractions. Many of the older ones will try to barter the price of the ride in advance, although this is illegal and they should turn on the meter.Newer taxis generally abide by the rules and put the meter on without being asked.

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Renting a Car

Hiring a vehicle with the latest technology included GPS systems, makes driving easy. Using a vehicle is trouble-free with the bilingual signs in blue and green to keep you on track.

Most of the rental cars are reliable with emergency services included, but it’s always a good bet to book a car in advance. There are many vehicle rental companies in Abu Dhabi.

All the hotels have booking agents, or you can pick your car up at the airport when you arrive.

You will need your passport, credit card, and an international driving license. You can, of course, rent a vehicle with a driver if you don’t have an international license or just don’t want to deal with the other automobiles and traffic.

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Abu Dhabi Public Transport

If you use the public transport system you will, of course, be governed by their timetable.

When finding your way around, keep a look out for the bluish buses, air conditioned, of course, to take you through Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Madinat Zayed and other suburbs. Read more about the Abu Dhabi buses.

The bus system is maintained by the Department of Transport (DoT) and is handicap accessible to all points in the city.

Buses run from 05:00 in the morning to midnight daily and until 02:00 in the night on the weekends.

Passes you can be purchased for a day trips or a month-long pass. You can also purchase a reduced price pass if you are a senior citizen or have a special need.

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