Desert Safaris and City Tours of Abu Dhabi, Dubai & Al Ain

Make the most of your holiday with these fabulous Abu Dhabi tours.

Take an Abu Dhabi city tour to see the highlights of this modern yet traditional city.

Explore Dubai-famous for its over the top attractions such as the World’s Tallest Building and the most luxurious hotel the Burj Al Arab.

Al Ain is a lovely Emirati town with lots of history. One of the most thrilling tours in the desert safari where you will enjoy racing up and down the red sand dunes and a traditional Bedouin camp.

Tours are great as you can sit back and relax and leave all the planning to someone else! Enjoy!

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  • All these Abu Dhabi tours are family friendly. Children under 12 receive a discount!
  • You will be picked up at your Abu Dhabi hotel
  • Transportation in air conditioned comfort(a must when touring this desert city!)
  • Book in advance so you don’t lose precious vacation time trying to organize sightseeing tours when you arrive.
  • Read honest reviews from fellow travelers!

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The Top Tours In Abu Dhabi

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Abu Dhabi Desert Safari

Desert Safari Tour is one of the best Abu Dhabi tours. You head out to the rolling red sands in the desert. You will ride in a luxury 4X4 vehicle. Strap yourself in as you race up and down the dunes! You will feel like you are riding on a roller coaster! After this you can enjoy a BBQ buffet with shisha smoking, belly dancing, camel rides and henna. This is an excellent tour for families!

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Abu Dhabi City Tours

Enjoy an Abu Dhabi City Tour. This 4 hour tour will give you the highlights of the city. Explore the Al Husn Palace or White Fort as it is known. Stroll the Corniche and enjoy the beautiful views of the Arabian gulf. Stop by Heritage Village for a glimpse into the Bedouin culture. After that you will visit the local fish market to get a taste of daily life in Abu Dhabi. This Abu Dhabi city tour is a great way to get an overview!

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Abu Dhabi City Tour With Lunch At Emirates Palace

Abu Dhabi City Tour With Lunch At Emirates Palace. Experience the sites of Abu Dhabi including a stroll along the Corniche, a visit to Heritage Village, Al Husn Palace and the fish market. Also enjoy a cruise on a traditional wooden boat known as a dhow. This full day tour included lunch at the luxurious Emirates Palace hotel. Dine in style at this 7 star hotel. You only live once so you might as well enjoy it in style!

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Dhow Dinner Cruise

The Dhow Dinner Cruise is one of the popular Abu Dhabi tours. You can enjoy the sunset as you float along the Corniche. The views are brilliant with the skyline all lit up.

Dinner is a mix of traditional Arabic food such as BBQ lamb kofta, grilled Chicken Shish Taouk and fresh garlic herb Gulf shrimp. Delicious!

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Dubai City Tour

Dubai City Tour. You will be picked up at your Abu Dhabi hotel for the quick 1.5 hour drive to the exciting city of Dubai. This full day tour will bring you to the Dubai spice market and fruit and vegetable market. Explore the gold souk where you can peruse the intricate gold jewellery!

Check out the Bastikia area with the traditional wind towers. At the Dubai History Museum in the old Fahidi Fort you can see the pearl diving exhibit. Visit the beautiful Jumeirah Mosque. Now you can’t go all the way to the UAE and not visit the incredible city of Dubai, right!

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Dubai City Tour and Lunch At the Burj Al Arab.

Dubai City Tour with Lunch At the Burj Al Arab. Explore the city of Dubai (transportation from Abu Dhabi included). Stop by the spice market, gold souk, Dubai History Museum and Jumeirah Mosque.The highlight will be a traditional Arabic lunch at the opulent Burj Al Arab. This is the most luxurious hotel in the world and it is the most famous landmark of Dubai. How often do you get to live like the rich and famous? Now is your chance! Book now!

A Tour of Al Ain

Al Ain Tour is another one of the interesting Abu Dhabi tours. Transportation to Al Ain is included (1 hour drive). You will explore this rustic town set amongst rolling hills and red sand dunes.

First stop is the Hili Tombs where you will explore the circular stone tombs from 5000 years ago. After stop by the Al Ain Museum where you will learn about the Bedouin history. Great way to soak up some local culture.

And hey, if you have always wanted a pet camel, now is your chance, as you will be stopping by the local camel market (be sure to check your luggage allowance though-ha!). My they are handsome devils!

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