Third Culture Kids in the UAE

Sammy’s Next Move -A Book for TCKs

Sammy’s Next Move is a great book for TCK or third culture kids. Written by relocation expert Helen Maffini, this book is a joy with its beautiful illustrations and warm story. Sammy is a snail who moves around the world including a stint in the UAE! This book is the perfect gift for a child moving to Abu Dhabi or Dubai!

What are third culture kids or TCKs? A definition is a person who has spent a significant time (usually defined as 2 years) in a culture other than their own during their developmental years.

The term third culture kid originated from the late Prof. Ruth Unseen of Michigan State University in a 1973 article entitled “Third Cultural Factors in Education Change”.

The term comes from the fact that children who are living abroad build relationships to not only their home culture but also the cultures they are living in.

Third culture children often feel they do not have complete ownership of any particular culture but are an amalgamation of two or more cultures, hence the “third culture’.The book for expat children includes a section at the back with tips on a smooth move for parents.

Order you copy today and help your child with their move to the UAE. Children who relocate often experience a range of emotions about their move. Sammy helps kids realize they are not alone and their feelings and mixed emotions are perfectly normal.

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Sammy’s Moving Pack and Sammy PDF Book Combo 17$


Sammy’s Next Move Book in PDF $7


About the Author

Helen is a serial expat having lived in 11 countries- 9 of them with her children Alex and Francesca. She is an education consultant and works with international schools to help third culture kids thrive in their new roles!

Helen is a TCK herself having grown up in Japan.

Helen has been featured in my magazines and newspapers including The Telegraph.

Reviews of Sammy’s Next Move

This is one of the best (and only)TCK books around. Kids moving need to be able to communicate how they are feeling and this book helps them do just that!

Peter Carepm, Amsterdam

Thank you so much for this amazing resource!!!

Michelle Reid, Saudia Arabia

I just wanted to write and let you know how valuable these tools are. I saw your article on the Telegraph and purchased your book shortly after and it has been so helpful during our move to the UAE.

Jacob Marks, Syria

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