Abu Dhabi Supermarkets

Whenever you leave your homeland to move abroad, there are going to be things you miss. For most, food is one of those things. It is what is most comforting and brings to mind thoughts of home.

No matter how delicious the local cuisine may be, there is nothing like eating what you grew up with. To help those who have moved to Abu Dhabi from abroad, a few supermarkets now stock items from home.

Here is a simple, brief guide to help you get on your way.


One of the more popular supermarkets is Carrefour. Their selections include imported items from all over the world. We are sure you will recognize some of the name brands from your homeland.

Not only will you find packaged food, but even fresh fruits and vegetables, cheeses and other dairy products, sustainable fish, meats and organic and health foods from all over are sold here.

To find store locations, promotions and events you can visit their site at carrefouruae.com.

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Another favorite, especially among expats from Great Britain, is Spinneys. This upscale expat supermarket is where to go especially for pork and deli items.

Imports from all over Britain can be found here. Spinneys also offers several shops to buy alcohol. You can even apply for your liquor license there.

If you have a craving in the middle of the night, no worries, they are open 24 hours!

If you would like more information as to store location check out dubaifaqs.com/spinneys-abu-dhabi.php.

Lulu’s Hypermarket

For shopping within a budget, without sacrificing quality and selection, Lulu’s Hypermarket could be what you are looking for. This large supermarket is well stocked with prices that are very reasonable. A great place for your everyday culinary needs. To learn more about location and how to contact the store, visit them online at uae.luluhypermarket.com.


Abelas is another expat supermarket that stocks a variety of British favorites and they also sell pork. For directions, store hours and other information, you can call them at +971(2)6674675.

We all get a little homesick at some point. Even if you have been away for a while and UAE is now your home, there is something satisfying about a familiar product.

There really are few things though that can bring us comfort the way the smell and taste of a familiar dish can.

So all you expats residing in the stunning city of Abu Dhabi, why not stop by one of these expat supermarkets and treat yourself to a taste of home!

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