UAE Residency Visas

Finalize your Status as an Abu Dhabi Resident

Need your Residency Visa UAE? To receive a visa stamp in Abu Dhabi, your passport must go to the Department of Naturalization & Immigration, which located near Al Jimi Mall. It usually takes 2 to 3 days to process. You will need a medical test for HIV and a chest x-ray to get your visa. Your company should help you to arrange these tests but you can go to the local health center to have them done.

If you’re going to be driving, you’ll need an international driver’s license as soon as you receive your residency visa.  You can get a temporary one until you get your residency visa or just drive on your overseas license until you get your residency.

You’ll need your residency visa to open a bank account or a saving account unless you have an account with an overseas branch of the same company. Not all allow this but HSBC is one company that does.

Next Steps to Settling -In Abu Dhabi

If you have children going to school, call and visit as many schools as you can to see what options are available. Many schools in Abu Dhabi have waiting lists. Once your child’s place in school is secure, buy your uniforms, books, and arrange for a starting date at the school.

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Settle into your accommodations either short term or long term. Follow-up your property that has been shipped with your shipping agent. You’ll need the reference number to arrange for customs to clear your property. You often need a letter from your employer stating your visa is in progress or a copy of your visa to receive your goods.

Once you have permanent housing, arrange for water, phone, and electricity to be connected. Make sure you have the proper home insurance as mistakes here can be expensive.

Have drinking water and a gas supply delivered.

Have the Internet, cable TV, and telephone connected.

Get a post office box for Abu Dhabi as mail is not delivered to homes here.

Register with a doctor if you have a pre-existing medical condition or start looking around for a pediatrician etc if you have kids. you must have a health card and medical insurance here so check what your coverage entitles you too.

You’ll need a SALIK registration if you plan to travel to Dubai. SALIK is an automated system. You place a strip in your car and when you pass certain points in Dubai it automatically deducts the fee from your car. You can top it up online.

If you need to arrange domestic help there are lots of options available. Most domestic help can be found through recommendations on supermarket notice boards, asking your neighbors maids if they have suggestions or through an agency.

If you have a pet, there are many vets available especially looking after expat animals.

If you drink alcohol, you’ll need to apply for a liquor license.

Learn about Abu Dhabi, culture, society, and the many things you can enjoy while living in Abu Dhabi. Have a wonderful stay noe you have your residency visa UAE sorted out!

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