Scuba Diving at Abu Dhabi

Amazing Dives in the UAE


Scuba diving at Abu Dhabi? Yes it is true!

The Arabian Gulf hosts many intriguing shipwrecks and the majority of them are within range of most recreational scuba divers. Majority of the wrecks lay in eighteen to thirty meters of seawater and are generally no more than 50 minutes away in case one chooses a speed boat.

Abu Dhabi scuba diving below the ocean is comparable to what all of us find above the ocean.

A desert is really a fitting description since the sea bed is extremely sandy without any rock outcrops and for that reason no barrier to talk about. This definitely limits the variety of sea life but there still is considerable marine life to see like stingrays, barracuda and plenty of reef fish near the shipwrecks.

There is a good chance of coral growth and hence increased marine diversity with the new man-made islands coming up in the gulf, these islands when complete will offer good diving spots and will also increase rocky area underwater.

Visibility when Diving

The visibility levels in the Gulf fluctuate throughout the year but it’s mostly better throughout the summer months since the condition of sea in that period is warm and calm.

The visibility could be around 12metres on the majority of deep shipwrecks. Visibility tends to suffer a lot in winter season when weather is unfriendly; the change is seen most nearer to the shore.

Indian Ocean Diving in the UAE

The oasis in the Indian Ocean on the east coast makes for a good option when the weather is not so good in the winter months. This is actually where nearly all of the diving happens in the UAE.

The Indian-Ocean is an infinitely more fertile water body having a very diverse quantity of marine existence with enough hard as well as soft barrier formations.

There are lots of offshore rugged crops as well as small rugged and rocky islands where most of the famous diving sites exist. Sites vary from 10 to even 30metres.

The visibility is usually cleaner and also the dive spots are much nearer to the mainland resulting in shorter vessel trips and thus increased a number of dives.

Scuba Diving in the Musandam

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Lastly, the final diving region accessible through Abu Dhabi may be the Musandam. It really is a unique place and offers the best diving in the area. There exist several large rocky offshore islands along with a coastline which really is a diver’s playground to discover.

This far off area continues to be relatively virgin since the community associated with diving hasn’t really discovered it yet…. You’ll find a lot of stuff that you desire in the Musandam — whale sharks, saltwater sharks, rays, turtles, a variety of saltwater fish plus much more.

Dive spots here vary from 10 to 40 meters along with water operating as heavy as two hundred meters in certain areas. Even though Musandam is really an enclave from the Sultanate associated with Oman, there isn’t any visa needed. You may however be asked to carry your own original passport or even carry Emirates IDENTITY (I.D) to go past the checkpoint.

So in spite of not being referred to as a scuba diving destination, a holidaymaker or perhaps a resident of the UAE might have a brief or long-term Abu Dhabi scuba diving hobby.

Scuba diving in the UAE is easy to get started with as many hotels and dive centers offer certification. There are nearly 20 Dive centers within the UAE, that are mainly PADI Centers, with a few within Dubai as well as Abu Dhabi and also the largest percentage on the Eastern Coast in Dibba.

Diving in Abu Dhabi is a great sport to take up. I did a course with my daughter in Al Ain and we had several great dives in Dibba.

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