Registering a Birth in the UAE

Collecting your Newborn’s Birth Certificate

If you are pregnant in the UAE who may have a few questions! How to your get Abu Dhabi birth certificates for your new born child/children? How do you register a birth in Abu Dhabi?

Children born in Abu Dhabi to expatriate parents are entitled to an Abu Dhabi birth certificate but will need to arrange citizenship and passports through your or your spouse’s passport embassy as citizenship is not given automatically.

If your child is born in Abu Dhabi, you will not be able to take him/her out of the country until you have a valid passport for the child.

To receive a birth certificate, you’ll get a “birth notification” when you are discharged from the maternity ward. Take the notification to the office for Birth Registration to receive a birth certificate. You’ll need to get it translated into English (if you want) as it is issued in Arabic.

Take the birth certificate along with your passport to your Embassy to put in a passport application for your child. As soon as you receive the passport you can start the application procedure for a residency visa for your child.

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Documents Required to Issue a Birth Certificate in Abu Dhabi

What you need to get a birth certificate for your child:

• Passports of the Mother and father
• Marriage certificate (must be attested)
• Notification of birth from the maternity ward (translated to English)
• Passport photos of your baby
• Application forms signed by both mother and father and witnessed by a notary public

Take these documents to the office in the website below and you will be issued with a birth certificate for the UAE.

Check with the government site for birth certificates at

Getting a birth certificate is quite a straight forward experience if you have the documents above.

As with all document processes in Abu Dhabi, attested documents are needed and expect lots of waiting around for your turn! If your company has a PRO who is helpful he may help you to do this if you ask nicely!

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