UAE Vets to Keep your Dog or Cat Healthy!

If you arrive in Abu Dhabi and then decide to get a pet check out these organisations:

K9 Friends
Feline Friends 

These are the organizations that care for abandoned dogs and cats.

Rules and Regulations
The rules in Abu Dhabi for pets are very strict and you’ll have to obey the law or lose your pet. The following are the rules and regulations for animals in Abu Dhabi:

• No animals allowed on public beaches

• Pets in public places must always have a leash

• You must maintain your pet’s vaccinations

• All pets have tags with registrations numbers that must be worn at all times.

• All pets must have to be microchipped

• Keep all vaccinations up-to-date, be sure not to let them lapse between vaccination and future travel dates

• Must have a Certificate of Health from Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries from your own country.

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Bringing your Pet from Overseas

Easy peasy! There’s no quarantine, short waiting times -about 2-3 hours, and nothing but paperwork for you to bring your pet to Abu Dhabi. Your pet can even travel on the same plane as you; however, it does have to travel in the bottom of the plane as cargo and it is hot in the holding area where your pet will wait to be collected. . All your questions about pets Abu Dhabi answered here!

As soon as the plane lands and cargo is cleared, you, if you have the right documentation, can pick up your pet and go your apartment, please note most hotels in Abu Dhabi do not accept pets.  You will need the original import papers, the original vaccination certificate, a good health paper and a passport copy. After that you can take as long as you want to find a house to stay.

You are required to obtain an import permit from the Ministry of Environment & Water Quarantine section or you can contact the British Veterinary Clinic at who can help your with the relocation of your pet. They can board your pet, too, if need be.

In order to get an import permit, you need a residency VISA or a letter from your employer.

Use a mild sedative if you have to when traveling with your pet. Check with your local vet.

Be sure you book your pet on the same flight as the one you’re taking.

If you need boarding, book in advance due to fact that the pet care kennels and sitters are booked up fast especially at the holidays.

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