All the Essential Info for a Smooth Relocation to the UAE

Moving Guide — If you are planning on living in Abu Dhabi then you need to know a lot of new information!

Don’t worry-we have been there and done that and will share all the mistakes we made so you don’t have to!

Moving to Abu Dhabi is a big change for most people but one we are sure you will be happy with once you get over the frustrating paperwork and begin to enjoy this amazing city!

Buying a Car

Want to buy a car in Abu Dhabi? Not sure what paperwork you need? Read all the details here and you will be driving around the capital in no time at all!

Getting a Liquor License

Yes it is a pain and you are often not asked but it is better to be safe and have the proper documents in case you are ever asked! We show you how here!

Hiring a Maid

Do you need to hire a maid? Not sure if you need a full-time or part-time helper? Want to know how sponsorship works? Check out out information here!

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Bringing a Pet to the UAE?

We understand you can’t leave your pet behind- after all they are one of the family right? Don’t worry we have all the info you need from getting you pet in and out of Abu Dhabi to veterinary care while you are here! Read more here!

Healthcare in the UAE

Dentists, doctors, hospitals and women’s services-we tell you all that Abu Dhabi has to offer to keep you healthy and happy!


Are you moving to Abu Dhabi with kids? Thinking about schools or nurseries? We tell you all the options here from toddlers to teens and everything in between!

Housing Options

If you haven’t been given housing you will want to think about the type of accommodation in Abu Dhabi you need. You’ll also want to explore the different areas of Abu Dhabi to see where suits you best!

We’ll also show you how to set up your telephone, internet and water delivery once you are settled in! Read about housing here.


Banking in Abu Dhabi has a few rules that you need to be aware of! We will show you how we did it and what documents etc you need to get started on your new financial path! Details here!

Visa Info

Abu Dhabi has lots of different visas to live and work here! We should you the different types of work and holiday visas as well as how to get your residency visa and more!

Keeping Fit

Now you’ve settled in you want to know about the gyms, personal trainers and other keep fit aspects of the city! Read all about it here!

Working in Abu Dhabi

Learn more about working in Abu Dhabi form the standards in contracts to what to expect from your company. More information can be found on this page.

Yes -You can Start a Business in the UAE

If you are thinking of starting your own company in the UAE -then read this information that may help you get started- learn about the different options!

Expat Lifestyle

Being an expat is a wonderful thing! If you are starting out on the expat route by moving to Abu Dhabi- it is certainly a good place to begin! Read more about the ups and downs of this lifestyle and how to make the most of it!


Churches in Abu Dhabi are available for expats to use during their time in the UAE. Services are available in many languages.

Abu Dhabi or Dubai?

If you are having trouble deciding where to live Abu Dhabi or Dubai this article will explain some of the pros and cons! Abu Dhabi and Dubai pros and cons

Traffic Offenses

The traffic fines in the UAE can be harsh! Read first-hand experiences here and don’t be caught out! More on speeding tickets and more

Supermarkets for Expats

Check out the great array of supermarkets popular with expats in the UAE! You can find a little taste of home here!

Leaving Abu Dhabi

If it is time for you to depart the UAE then read this article! Tips on things to make sure you do so you leave with a clean slate are given here!

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