Mohammed Bin Zayed City

An Abu Dhabi Suburb

Mohammed bin Zayed is a major residential development area located on the mainland it makes it convenient for those commuting to Al Ain or Dubai and central Abu Dhabi is also easily reachable within a 30 minute drive. The area is also quite close to the Al Dhafra Air Base, it is surrounded by Khalifa City B on one side and Mussafah on the other. It also makes this a quiet area away from the bustle of downtown Abu Dhabi.

The housing is relatively new here and you can find groups of villas built in close proximity all identical to one another either detached or semidetached. The streets have not yet taken on any unique community character.

Most of the homes have their own swimming pools, private parking and large gardens. The new neighborhood of villas are often rented out either whole or split into rental units.

Residential tower buildings, gardens, recreational facilities and retail properties make up the Mohammed bin Zayed City Towers, 5 residential communities. The project which will accommodate about 30,000 families will complete its first stage of 12,000 residential units in 2012. The towers are planned to be between 22 and 12 stories tall. The project will bring new facilities and amenities to the area.

Being a satellite neighborhood this is for those who don’t need to be in the center of Abu Dhabi daily and for those looking for a quiet life perhaps making an investment in the area which will no doubt eventually be swallowed up by the expanding city. The majority of residents are male non-European however with the completion of the Towers project the demographics here will significantly change probably including a lot more families.

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Entertainment and Services
There are a number of stores and supermarkets in the area, in the nearby Abu Dhabi Mall in the Mussafah Industrial Area 5.4km away you can shop in over 250 stores there are also restaurants and places of entertainment here. The Grand Safeer Cinema is conveniently located close to the area. It is possible to use the swimming pool in the nearby Mafraq Hotel. The three floor Mazyad Mall has all the stores and entertainment you may need including a gym, restaurants, cafes and a supermarket. There are a few small stores and supermarkets in the area. Many new retail outlets and places of entertainment are planned for this area which will make it the residential area with the most shopping and recreational outlets. The Shrangri-la souk and Abu Dhabi Golf Course are only a 5 minute drive away.

The Model School is in this area catering mainly to the Indian community and the Cambridge High School operates on the English curriculum for kindergarten to grade 13. The Emirate National School goes from pre-school to middle school. There is no shortage of educational institutions here including the Sunrise English School and day care groups.

Health Care
The Al Mazroi Hospital and the Ahlia Medical Center are in the area and the Al Noor Hospital is in the southeast corner of the neighborhood The Sheik Zayed Military Hospital is only 10 minutes away and the Lifeline Hospital is in the neighboring area of Mussafah. Al Mafraq Hospital is also quite close 5.25km away. The Emirates Hospital Abu Dhabi for dental care is 24km away.

Also on the mainland you have the outlying areas where residential developments haven’t yet taken off, near the Abu Dhabi International Airport the Al Reef area on the outskirts of the city is slated to be one of the next areas to boom in this ever growing city- great housing options are already available here.

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