Healthcare in the UAE

If you are wondering what the healthcare is like in the UAE, don’t be worried- the Dubai and Abu Dhabi medical establishments are high quality and can meet most needs!

By law, companies have to supply health insurance to all employees.

It is the responsibility of the company to make sure the healthcare coverage it adequate for all employees.

The United Arab Emirates has some of the best medical institutions and Abu Dhabi medical establishments are some of the most up to date in the world.


UAE pharmacies are stocked with everything such as antibiotics, analgesia, and antihistamines.

Certain medications such as morphine, temazepam and those containing codeine have been banned from the United Arab Emirates. You will be checked at the airport for any prescriptions and each one should have a letter from your doctor explain why you need it. Otherwise, you may be arrested.

You are required to show a letter from your doctor for any pre-existing medical condition. Plus, have a doctor in Abu Dhabi monitor and follow up on medical coverage. You should carry the papers with your all the time. Abu Dhabi medical care is good but as anywhere you must be proactive!

Be sure your medical coverage is up to date if you move to Abu Dhabi. If your friends or family visit while you’re in Abu Dhabi, be sure they have medical insurance to cover them. Abu Dhabi is very serious about medical insurance coverage.

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Having a Baby in Abu Dhabi

Information about giving birth in Abu Dhabi and medical services related to maternity are plentiful. You can’t have a home delivery in Abu Dhabi.

You must go to the hospital where they will deliver your baby, either at the hospital or a community clinic.

Obstetricians deliver babies while midwives work to support them. When you enter the hospital, you’ll be in for 3 to 5 days, depending on the type of delivery you had.

A midwife will check up with you after you’ve been discharged. The hospital dedicated to women is Corniche Hospital. They deal with all babies born before 32 weeks. It has a great reputation and acts like a private hospital but does not have all the frills.

You have 3 months of maternity leave when you’re contracted in Abu Dhabi for work. If the contract is a European or UK company, then you might have up to 6 months maternity leave, depending on your companies policy. After that, it’s an unpaid leave.

Be sure to read the fine print in your contract because in the United Arab Emirates parenthood leave does not exist. You’ll end up using all your vacation time when your baby is born.

Abu Dhabi medical facilities and healthcare are of a high quality in most places, so don’t worry about the standard of care you will receive, just shop around and find medical providers you feel comfortable with as in any other country.

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Which Abu Dhabi medical clinics do you recommend? Who is your favorite doctor or dentist?

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