Shopping Centers in the Capital

Marina Mall Abu Dhabi, is one of the most popular shopping venues. It is located on the Breakwater which is built on reclaimed land. It is a great spot to escape the heat and do a bit of shopping! There are 5 levels. This is one of my favourite shopping malls in Abu Dhabi-I have spent many an afternoon here with my kids!

If you are travelling with teenagers in Abu Dhabi they will find plenty to keep them occupied here!

The mall is home to over 400 stores including several luxury brands. Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Dior, Burberry and Coach all have shops here. There are several international brands as well including Zara, Gap, Forever 21, The Body Shop and La Senza. There was a huge Ikea in the mall as well (very handy for newbies to the UAE but it has now moved to Yas Island). There are a few book shops and toy shops in the mall too.

There are lots of restaurants to choose from in the Marina Mall Abu Dhabi including several serving local foods. There is a great Fuddruckers restaurant that those with kids will especially enjoy! The food court has the usual mix of chain restaurants such as Burger King, Popeye’s, and Sbarros. There are lots of cafes offering coffee and baked goods. Try La Brioche which has several UAE branches and is famous for its quiche and croissants! Yum!

Carrefour is a hypermarket on the lower floor offering everything from groceries, books, electronics and clothing. Great place to pick up some snacks and drinks. If you are looking to bring back some edible souvenirs such as dates and tea-this is a great spot to shop. There are a couple of carpet stores if you are looking to purchase a Persian rug. If you are on a budget Carrefour has some cheap ones that are quite nice too!

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The Marina Mall Tower is here and has excellent views of the Corniche, Emirates Palace, The Arabian Gulf and Lulu Island. There are glass windowed elevators that bring you up to the top so you can enjoy the views as you go up! The only way to access the Marina Mall Tower is to dine at either the cafe or the revolving restaurant. Cafe Columbiano is on the lower of the 2 levels. It does not revolve. You can enjoy a coffee or a light meal here. Prices are 1/3 higher then at the same cafe in the mall-but you do get to enjoy those amazing views! The restaurant is called Tiara and is at the highest level of the Tower. It revolves 360 degrees. They serve international cuisine and the prices start at around 60 AED for a meal.

If you have always wanted to ice skate in the desert-now is your chance-head to the snow dome in Marina Mall Abu Dhabi. There ice rink is surrounded by coffee shops you can sit at and relax while the kids go ice skating. There is wireless available at these cafes.

You can skate for an hour for 40AED and skates are provided. Kids will love this (skates available for all sizes). I have sat and had a lovely cappuccino while the kids ice skated and have joined then a couple of times! The rink also offers ice skating lessons.

Cinestar Cinemas has 9 theatres showing the latest movies, mostly in English. Don’t miss the massage chairs outside the theatre!

There is also a large bowling alley here which is popular for birthday parties or just some family fun!

Kids will love Fun City with rides and games for your older children, play areas and ball pits for your toddlers and young children. There is a huge food court in Fun City as well.

The mall has lots of seasonal displays and events and small concerts are often on in the main lobby. Santa comes to visit at Christmas time too!

There is a reliable currency exchange near Carrefour on the lower level.

There is a water corporation stand on the lower level too for those needing to set up water bills.

Hours of Operation of Marina Mall Abu Dhabi
Sunday-Thursday 10 am-10 pm
Friday-Saturday 10 am-11pm

How to Get to Marina Mall

View Marina Mall Abu Dhabi in a larger map

If you drive yourself there is plenty of free parking available.

Taxis are quite cheap in Abu Dhabi and a convenient way to get around.

There are lots of public buses that service this area. Bus 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 11, 32 and 34 service this area. Cost is 1 AED payable in exact cash on the bus.

You can walk along the Corniche to reach Marina Mall.

Heritage Village Abu Dhabi is just down the road from here (15 minute walk). It is a cultural attraction that highlights the traditional life of the Bedouin people.

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