Maps of Abu Dhabi and Beyond

Getting around Abu Dhabi can be tricky at first. I remember our arrival. We arrived late at night to the company provided apartment about 2am. The next day was a Saturday and I was to start work on Monday. We decided to go to the shops so I looked around noted we lived on 5th street and hopped in a taxi to the nearest shopping center.

After loading up on groceries at the Carrefour we got a taxi and said ‘5th street please’ to the driver. We soon discovered there are many fifth streets and since names are not used the driver had no idea where to go!

I really did not want to call my boss before i had started my new job and say i was lost! We drove around and around -trying to recognize the sand and palm trees! By some miracle after 45 minutes of driving by a bridge we knew was near our place we spotted out apartment block!!

Now as a tourist, you won’t have as many problems as the taxis know the main tourist attractions. You can use our Abu Dhabi Transport Guide to help plan your visit.

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Map of the United Arab Emirates

The UAE is comprised of seven Emirates, Abu Dhabi being the capital.

Highways are easy to navigate although it can be intimidating driving on them until you get used to it! Everything is always well lit up and signed unless you veer of the main roads!

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Map of Abu Dhabi

Finding your way around Abu Dhabi can be tough. Street names are generally not used so it is very much a case of landmarks and (humps on the road) to find your way to places.

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Map of Downtown Abu Dhabi

Whether you are heading to the corniche or Marina Mall you’ll need a map to hit all the spots! Check out the one below or purchase a paper map below.

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Map of Al Ain

Al Ain is a great place. We lived here for two years. It is easy to get around and well signed.

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