All The Things to Do Before Your Departure from the UAE!

If you are planning on leaving Abu Dhabi to move home or to another country there are several procedures that need to be done to ensure you leave the UAE without any black marks on your name! We tell you all the details here

A successful departure from Abu Dhabi takes a little time bit of work. Your employer will contact the authorities that your contract has been completed.

The best way to go about leaving Abu Dhabi is as efficiently as you can. If there are any troubles or black marks on your name, you won’t be able to re-enter the country so make sure you leave with a clear name! Also, companies may not hire you in the future if there is anything noted on your file.

Visa Cancellation – Driver’s Licences

  • Your residency visa will expire one month after your employment ends.
  • Always carry your residency visa with you as you will need it for everything to do with departure.
  • Your drivers license stays valid until the date of renewal.
  • If you had a maid, arrange for a transfer to a new employer or make arrangement for a flight home. The maid is your responsibility until she is under another sponsorship or records show she has had her visa canceled and left the country. We placed ads on websites and posted notices in supermarkets and were able to place our maid with a new family. There is a whole process for transfer of the maids visa as well.

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Shipping and Selling

  • Book your departure date, pack your bags and start shipping your personal effects far in advance of your departure date. You can also just sell off everything and not worry about shipping etc.
  • If you are leaving Abu Dhabi I recommend you sell your car, it is much easier than shipping it, unless, of course, your company is taking care of the expense. We looked into this but it is really complicated as each country has specific requirements and you may have to pay to alter lighting etc..The exception is if you are moving within the GCC in which case you can do it without too much drama!

Schools Leaving Procedures

  • Notify the school you are leaving Abu Dhabi, if you have children. They issue special forms to the Ministry of Education.
  • Request a report from the school before you leave. Getting information after you leave might be hard. I always ask for a reference letter as well some countries ask for this so it is better to have it just in case.
  • Don’t forget records or certificates for extra-curricular activities too!

Medical Documents

  • Get all your medical documents before you leave Abu Dhabi. I made this mistake and it has been impossible to get the copies of doctors notes, labs, dentist xrays etc since we have left.

Closing Bank Accounts

  • Pay off all outstanding bills.
  • Your funds can be frozen if you leave any unpaid bills behind. Plus, the banks won’t release your funds until all records have been cleared.
  • Close your bank account/credit cards etc. after you have finished with all financial matters.

Pet Relocation

  • If you have a pet that traveled with you to Abu Dhabi, be sure the vaccinations are up to date.
  • Don’t forget to book them on the same flight of departure.

Closing up House

  • Contact your landlord, take care of any contracts, and leave your place of living as clean as possible.
  • Notify the phone company and Internet company, ADWEA, and DEWA for disconnection.
  • If you have satellite television arrange for the disconnection.
  • Most of these companies require one to two months notice so make sure you arrange it in advance otherwise you will be stuck with a bill for extra months after you have left
  • The problem with cutting the Internet is they actually cut it immediately so get a 3G card if you can so you still have access!
  • There is no way to forward your mail if you have a PO box so give you key to a friend and ask them to forward any letters on to you until your PO box expires.

Bon Voyage! Have a safe trip!

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