Abu Dhabi Suburbs


Khalifa B (sometimes called Khalifa City B) is relatively far from the city center (a 30 minute drive). This mainland residential area is only 7km from the airport it is a recent development which keeps growing. On the outskirts of the city you will need to drive to reach any places of business, entertainment or recreation.

Khalifa B is across Old Airport City Road further inland than its neighbor Khalifa City A which has many more amenities and facilities. Other neighboring areas are Al Shawamekh and Mafraq. It is literally on the edge of the desert but big plans are in the works for making this another well serviced district. Between Khalifa A and Khalifa B is an area which is to become Khalifa C, joining the whole Khalifa area and making it a powerful competitor to the crowded Abu Dhabi island center.


Being far out of the city center the property prices here are cheap and those with an eye for investment might want to buy here as eventually it will be swallowed up by the expanding city. . The style of housing here is like that of Khalifa City A, spacious villas some rather luxurious with pools, large gardens and even private gyms. You can also find one and two bedroom accommodation to rent.


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There isn’t yet a community feel to the place and those choosing to live here are investing in their future. They are also people who don’t mind driving where ever they go and who prefer the quiet life, the area is gaining popularity with an increasing number of expats and for affordability it is a top choice.


Here you can find the Australian School of Abu Dhabi which teaches in English (and some courses in Arabic) it is a multi-cultural school from grade 1-12 with an Australian education system curriculum. Just over 5km away is the Kids Academy childcare facility, the Canadian International School and the British International School.

You can also reach the Abu Dhabi University which is only 7km away. Not far away are the educational institutions in Khalifa City A.

Entertainment and Services

The closest malls are Mazyad Mall, Delma Mall and Abu Dhabi Mall which is 12.5km away. The area also has a mosque.

Health Care

There is no hospital in the area and the closest medical assistance is in the Al Mafraq Hospital 5km away and other facilities in Khalifa City A. It would take about 20 minutes to reach Zayed Military Hospital.

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