Our 10 Favorite Sushi Bars and More

Fancy some sushi or sashimi? Long for yakisoba and gyoza? Look no further as we tell you about our 10 favorite restaurants in Abu Dhabi

Sushi and Japanese cuisine in general is very popular in Abu Dhabi. Here is a list of the top 10 Japanese restaurants in Abu Dhabi that you should try.

I love Japanese food after having lived in Japan for 5 years and the quality is amazing-great chefs are flown in to create these lovely dishes! Enjoy and Itadakimasu!

1. Taiki –Al Ain Palace Hotel
This is an award winning restaurant which is licensed and not one of the most expensive of the Japanese restaurants.

The food is served in welcoming, intimate and warm surroundings and the service is friendly and helpful. The menu includes soups, tofu dishes and bento boxes along with other Japanese dishes.

2. Benihana – Beach Rotana
Here you can sit outside or in, the restaurant is family friendly and alcohol is available. At this restaurant diners sit together at communal tables and you can watch the chef prepare the food before your eyes at the teppanyaki cooking show.

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Diners like to have a soup, salad and then an appetizer here, perhaps the best item on the menu is the seafood.

3. Toki – Hilton Abu Dhabi
This is another award winning restaurant which is licensed it is also one of the more expensive of the Japanese restaurants in Abu Dhabi.

The décor is elegant and clean cut but the expansive menu is the real draw here and includes a huge Japanese box and a wide variety of sushi. If you want to be spoilt for choice this is the place.

4. Wasabi – Al Diar Mina Hotel
This award winning restaurant is extremely popular (even among the Japanese community) despite being in the high price range and many residents return here for their sushi and Japanese cuisine time and time again.

It is also the number one choice of travelers on Trip Advisor for the best Japanese restaurant in Abu Dhabi. Try their fresh Shamimi, large shrimp spring rolls or try a “boat” combo to share with your friends. The restaurant staff is friendly and there is a range of seating options.

5. Samurai – Capital Hotel
This is the place to go for affordable value for money Japanese cuisine and it is licensed. The menu is not as varied as the other Japanese restaurants and some items are not as authentically Japanese but you can’t bet it for price.

Especially good are the Enoki , the garlic rice and the seafood tum yam soup. The restaurant really gets onto the top 10 list as being one of the few (or maybe the only) Japanese restaurant in Abu Dhabi that delivers.

6. Sho Cho – Souk Qaryat Al Beri
This restaurant takes pride in the presentation especially of the artistically cut sushi. There is indoor and outdoor seating and the atmosphere is pleasant but the winning factor here is the buffet style meal deal where you can help yourself to what you want.

The stylish restaurant also affords gorgeous views over the Maqtaa Creek. Sushi is the best option on this restaurant’s menu. I ate here so many times and was happy with every meal! Stunning views of the mosque too!

7. Yotto – Yas Island
This is one of the most expensive of Japanese restaurants in Abu Dhabi, it is licensed and served up a range of Japanese cuisine.

It is located in the Yas Yacht Club and is an elegant sophisticated choice with beautiful views. The Japanese food is authentic, exclusive and traditional.

8. Kazzu – Yas Island, Yas Hotel
One of the newest of Abu Dhabi Japanese restaurants the attraction to this restaurant is the stylish décor and trendy atmosphere.

The restaurant is licensed and there is indoor and outdoor seating with great views. The restaurant is one of the more expensive in the city but people come here to impress their dates and enjoy the fancy surroundings.

9. Sobo – Le Royal Meridien
No nonsense sushi at reasonable prices this restaurant is well established and has a regular crowd, it is also licensed. One of the attractions here is the large menu of sushi dishes as well as alternatives for those preferring other Asian and Eastern cuisine.

The restaurant also runs sushi classes on Saturdays. The atmosphere and décor are not the attraction here rather it is the good service and wide range of sushi.

10. Yacht Club – Intercontinental Hotel

Here you can find a variety of deals like the all-you-can-eat on a Tuesday and the Friday lunch deal. The interesting drinks are one of the attractions here but they are pricey.

The restaurant serves alcohol and there is indoor and outdoor seating. The portions are quite small but the food is high quality. The surroundings are stylish and clean cut.

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