Abu Dhabi International Schools

Education in the UAE Capital

There is a huge variety of international schools in Abu Dhabi catering to every curriculum.

American Community School of Abu Dhabi

This school is dedicated to the education of children born to American parents, living in the local area. Comprising a full educational curriculum designed for all stages of school life through to the end of high school, this particular school is ideally situated, with some fantastic amenities available, including a swimming pool as well as superb sports facilities.

The school also boasts an active arts programme, with specific interests in band practice, choral societies and drama.

Contact: http://www.acs.sch.ae

American International School of Abu Dhabi
Encompassing elementary education all the way through to high school, this educational establishment offers a fantastic sports programme, with various teams available.

The school takes an active interest in community service and students are involved in various activities from recycling to raising money for those less fortunate and supporting animal welfare groups.

Contact: http://www.aisa.sch.ae

GEMS World Academy Abu Dhabi 

Teaching world citizenship, together with philanthropic attitudes, as well as developing children’s individuality and entrepreneurial spirit in order to achieve their potential, GEMS World Academy truly offers an education above the norm.

In the past three years, GEMS students have been accepted into some of the most prestigious universities and colleges around the world, winning awards for academics, sports and the arts. The GEMS schools are renowned for exceeding international standards in student education.

Contact : http://www.gemseducation.com/

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Canadian International School Abu Dhabi 
Offering an Alberta system of education, the Canadian International School in Abu Dhabi offers a diverse educational environment for your child, with over 50 national identities enrolled at the school.

With education all the way from kindergarten to grade 12, there is also a wide range of extra-curricular activities, including lessons in language and music, chess club, mad science and Tae Kwon Do.

Contact: http://www.cisabudhabi.com

Australian School of Abu Dhabi

A international school, serving children from kindergarten all the way up to year 12, this establishment is focused very clearly on multiculturalism. The school offers Islamic and Arabic classes. Non Muslims can take part in Australian values studies instead.

Facilities include an indoor international standard swimming pool, soccer fields and a modern gymnasium.

The Abu Dhabi branch is an IB Diploma school with PYP and MYP in progress.

Contact: http://www.ais.ae/
Telephone: +(971)2 5866981/0

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