Abu Dhabi ID Cards

Abu Dhabi ID Cards are required for all residents. In fact, all residents in all United Arab Emirates, are required to carry a National Identity card.

There is a requirement to hold an ID card for anyone 15 years old or above who are resident in the United Arab Emirates. The Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) regulates the cards and you can contact them via their website for an application form.

Download it and print it out and take it with you to the EIDA. You can also visit any of the local post offices and buy a preprinted envelope at a cost of 40 dihrim and mail it to the EIDA office. Allow 7 to 10 days for processing. The cost is 40 dihrim and for an additional twenty dirhim they will deliver your ID card to your house by registered post.

You can contact the Emirates Identity Authority at their website http://www.emiratesid.ae

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Tips for Applying for an ID Document in the United Arab Emirates

• Your passport should be at least 6 months old before you move to Abu Dhabi.

• Always carry your original documents but make several copies in case they are needed or get lost.

• Have copies of all employment contacts and salary slips.

• Have several passport size photos of you and all your family members. You’ll need about 20 of them each.

• Try to carry the original documents with you and put the copies in your baggage. You need them when you arrive in Abu Dhabi.

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