Where to live in Abu Dhabi? Availability? There are lots of different types of accommodation in Abu Dhabi. If you’re looking to move here, and you are an expatriate, you are no doubt probably going to live in one of Abu Dhabi’s many expat compounds or any one of the high rise apartments in the city!

There are many options available for expats, such Abu Dhabi housing estates and the various compounds or highrise apartments.

It can be hard to find somewhere suitable to live because it can be very expensive, but there are options.

Al Bateen Area

Try the area of Al Bateen for example. It’s an extremely large area, with a large population of mostly local families. It has a basic mall which is just a supermarket with the basic things you will need to get by, and it also has a sports club, nightclub, and a few restaurants in the area.

The downside to this area is that it’s not usually where expats will live, but it’s full of locals, which can give you a taste of the Abu Dhabi cultural experience. There isn’t a ton of property in the area, and you probably won’t find a taxi. It’s also a little on the expensive side.

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Al Khalidiya Area

Another area is Khalidiya and this is one of the prime areas for Abu Dhabi expat living. This is one of the nicest areas in Abu Dhabi for expats, and provides really easy access to the heart of the city, and is a great area for those who like to travel on foot. The rent is some of the cheapest for expats and but the parking is absolutely atrocious, and it’s almost impossible to find a taxi.

Khalifa Cities

Some of the up and coming areas are Khalifa City A and B which are near Al Raha. This is largely considered to be the future of expat living in Abu Dhabi and for good reason. Currently, it’s a quiet and peaceful area due to a very small residency, but it’s extremely close to the airport and the main highway and is quickly becoming the new central hub for expats looking to live in an Abu Dhabi compound.

It’s currently away from all of the stress of the bigger city areas and has a ton of schools and businesses, which is perfect for an up and coming family moving to the area. It can be an extremely difficult area to get at times, and it’s not really a good place to move if you don’t have a vehicle. It seems to be designed with driving in mind. There are several to choose from for your expat living journey!

Abu Dhabi Housing Tips

Tips for Singles

If you are single and want to share accommodation, it is possible to do so. There are laws in Abu Dhabi prohibiting non-married/ non-related males and females from living together so be sure to factor that in or you could end up in trouble with the law!

Singles can check on local supermarket board for posting of expats looking to share. Word of mouth is a great way to find a roommate as well.

General Abu Dhabi Housing Info

In the past landlords in Abu Dhabi required one year’s rent in advance. This has become a bit more manageable lately with many landlords’s accepting 4 postdated checks. Do remember however it is a serious legal offense to bounce a check in Abu Dhabi!

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