Medical Care in the UAE

If you need medical care in the UAE you will find high-quality care available.

Personally, I love the freedom and services available there as an expat. Expats are required to have insurance covering public You are spoilt for choice when seeking medical services in Abu Dhabi.

I have compiled a list of the most prominent Abu Dhabi hospitals but there are even smaller private specialist clinics. Getting recommendations from friends or other long-term expats is a great idea when deciding where to do!

Please help us by recommending your favorite doctors and clinics!

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List of Abu Dhabi Hospitals

Al Corniche Hospital

Address: Corniche Rd.

Tel: 971-2-6724900

Beds: 188

Visiting Hours: 12 noon-10pm, spouses and one female relative 6am-10pm. Open since 1984 and specializes in obstetrics and gynecology, they have an extensive neonatal ICU unit and the hospital is managed by John Hopkins University. This is one of only a few hospitals in Abu Dhabi owned and run by the Abu Dhabi health Service (SEHA).

Sheik Khalifa Medical City

Address: Al Manal Street, POB 51900

Tel: 971-2-6102000

Beds: 568

Visiting Hours: 11am-2pm, 8pm-11pm or 2pm-9pm depending on the ward. Opened in 2000 and operated under the Abu Dhabi’s General Authority of Health service by Cleveland Clinic. They handle all areas of medical care and have 14 outpatient specialty clinics, 6 family medicine clinics, 2 urgent care centers, 2 dental centers, a behavioral Science Pavilion, on-site pharmacies and a blood bank. The emergency care centers are at Khalidiya Urgent Care Center (tel:971-2-4170100) and Ettihad Urgent Care Center (971-2-4455201) work 8am-1am, 7 days a week.

Al Noor Hospital

Address: Khalifa Street, next to the National Bank of Abu Dhabi. There is also the Airport branch on Airport Road next to the Airport Road Park.

Tel: Main Branch – 00971-2-626-52-65 Airport Branch – 00971-2-444-66-55 Beds: Khalifa Branch – 55 rooms Airport Road Branch – 150 rooms including VIP and royal suites.

Visiting Hours: 11am-8pm Opened in 1985 as a polyclinic it is now a modern state of the art hospital, in Abu Dhabi there is the Khalifa Street branch and the Airport Road Branch. There is an inpatient and 4 outpatient pharmacies, the Khalifa Branch has a 24 hour emergency and GP service and it is also a surgical hospital. The hospital is a member of the European Foundation for Quality Management. Excels in open-heart surgery and cancer therapy. The Airport Road Branch opened in 2007 they too have a 24 hour emergency and GP service. They excel in cardiac surgery, angiography and spinal orthopedic surgery, gynecology and nuclear medicine. The Al Noor Hospital site has a list of insurance companies which they honor.

Lifeline Hospital

Address: Corner of Al Sharqi Street and Electra Street. POB 94666

Tel: +971-2-6335522 Toll Free: 800 225537

Beds: 50

Visiting Hours: 8am-10am, 4pm-10pm There is a 24 hour emergency service and a pharmacy on the premises. As there may be a fee involved in hospital services even if you have insurance, you can get a treatment quote by calling 02-6335522. Each patient staying as the hospital has their own telephone and can be directly contacted from anywhere in the city. There is a maternity ward and the hospital has state of the art operating rooms. There are First Class Rooms (1 bed), Second Class Rooms (2 beds) and VIP rooms and suites. The hospital has valet parking.

Ahalia Hospital

Address: Hamdan Street POB 2419

Tel: 02-6262 666

Beds: 50

Visiting Hours: 10am-12noon, 7pm-10pm Opened in 1984 as a clinic it is now a respected hospital. The hospital covers a diverse number of areas and there is an on-site pharmacy. There are 6 medical centers around the country. The hospital honors several insurance companies.

Mafraq Hospital

Address: POB 2951 (35km from Abu Dhabi but in 2014 they will be moving to a new campus)

Tel: 971-2-5123100 or 971-2-5011111

Beds: 500

Visiting Hours: 10am-10pm, ICU 12 noon-1pm, 5-7pm This hospital is part of the SEHA health system, they have the largest burn unit in the country and excel in ENT and thoracic surgery. Their emergency department runs 24/7 and they treat a range of medical complaints.

Here is a list of other Abu Dhabi hospitals:

American European Medical Center

Address: Airport Road between 13th and 15th Street Tel: 971-2-4455477 They deal with a broad spectrum of areas including gastroenterology, cosmetic laser, dentistry, orthopedics, gynecology, physiotherapy, pediatrics and more. They accept several medical insurance plans.

Open hours: Saturday to Thursday 9am-9pm.

More Abu Dhabi Hospitals

  • Abu Dhabi Nicker International Children’s Hospital POB 7611 Tel: 971-2-328811
  • Abu Dhabi Medical Zone POB 848 Tel: 971-2-330000
  • Al Ahli Hospital POB 2419 Tel: 971-2-267267
  • Al Maghrabi Tel: 971-6345000 Have branches throughout the region including dental, eye clinics and specialty hospitals.
  • Al Salam Hospital POB 3784 Tel: 971-2-742777
  • Al Salama Hospital POB 46266 Tel: 971-2-711220 Includes acupuncture department, cosmetic and reconstructive surgery, dental and general medicine.
  • Chiropractic Specialty Clinics of the Emirates POB 51592 Tel: 971-2-6345162
  • Dar Al Shifaa Hospital POB 2519 Tel: 971-2-6416999 A private hospital licensed by the Ministry of Health there are operating rooms, delivery rooms and in and outpatient services. They honor a long list of insurance plans.
  • Emirates Polyclinic Hospital POB 26285 Tel: 971-2-6210400
  • Gulf Diagnostic Center Hospital Street 30, POB 30702 Tel: 971-2-6658090
  • Hospital Franco Emirian Nahda Tower, Corniche Road, POB 230 Tel: 971-2-6265722
  • National Hospital Al Markaziyah, POB 30666 Tel: 971-2-711000
  • Zayed Military Hospital Zayed Street, POB 3740 Tel: 971-2-4448100 This hospital services members of the UAE military and their families
  • Danat Al Emirate Women & Children’s Hospital POB 60991
  • Tel: 971-2-6266805 A luxury facility exclusively for women and children including suits, boutique style architectural design and spa and wellness treatments, there is also a birthing center, outpatient’s facilities and diagnostic and treatment services.
  • Emirates Hospital
  • Tel: 971-2-4466422 A specialty hospital which includes several branches including the CosmeSurge & Emirates Clinics – Khalifa City A and CosmeSurge &Emirates Hospital on Street 13.
  • Al Raha Hospital Najdah Street
  • Tel: 971-2-6330440
  • Al Reef International Hospital Electra Street, Emirates Supermarket Bld
  • Tel: 97-2-6328000 (Has received negative reviews online)
  • Al Manara International Hospital Electra Street, Saif Tower Bld
  • Tel: 971-2-6218888
  • Burjeel Hospital Al Najda Street
  • Tel: 971-2-2222332 Operates under the standards of the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi (HAAD), soon to open a 24/7 emergency service.

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