Hire a Helper to Make your Life Easier

Hiring maids in Abu Dhabi is one of the luxuries of working in the UAE as the cost is very affordable.

In fact, almost everyone has a maid and it is a normal part of life in the UAE!

Imagine-no more cleaning, dusting or washing! All your clothes magically ironed, folded and put away!!

Imagine the freedom of having a built-in babysitter available to help with the kids if you need to go out!

In this guide, we show you all the options, from hiring a part-time maid through an agency to sponsoring a full time live in maid. We also show you the ways to transfer a maid and offer a free maid checklist.

Yes, having a maid is one of the things people really enjoy about the expat lifestyle in the UAE!

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Part Time Options: Hiring an Abu Dhabi Maid Agency

There are a number of maid agencies in Abu Dhabi from which you can hire a local part-time or full-time maid service.

This option can prove quite costly and little of the money paid out will end up going in the maid’s pocket.

However, if you decide that you don’t like your agency maid, you can always request an alternate from the agency.

We used Exiles for a while while we were waiting for our maid’s visa to come through. Although they were pricey, they did a good job and it was all legal and above board.

exiles maid log
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Website: http://www.exilesmaidservice.ae/
Tel: 025571542
Email: fill in form on site
Fees: Different contracts available

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Abu Dhabi Maids
Website: http://abudhabimaids.ae
Tel: 0552229800
Email: helpnow@maids.ae
Fees: Start from 35 dirhams an hour


Step by Step -How to Sponsor a Maid in Abu Dhabi

You can sponsor a maid from the Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Ethiopia and Sri Lanka, but you must complete the necessary visas, there are various legal requirements which have to be met:

1) You must prove you earn more than AED 6500 or more every month after the cost of accommodation.

2) A fee equivalent to the maid’s one-month salary, but not under 400 dihrims plus a charge of 5000 dirhims which is paid to the Department of Naturalization and Residency.

3) You must be personally in the UAE, living together with your family. Please note that individuals without a family may not sponsor a maid.

4) Female expatriates may sponsor one maid, if they are employed in certain roles such as teacher, lawyer or doctor. Ask your PRO to help here as the list is vague and if you have a degree it will most likely be ok. I was in Al Ain and not approved, however, my PRO took the papers to Abu Dhabi and it was issued with no problems there.

5) Your maid cannot be a member of your immediate or extended family

6) If you have had a problem before such as if your previous maid was arrested, you won’t be able to sponsor another maid.

7) Any previously sponsored maid must have been released at least 12 months before any new application by an expat but you can transfer sponsorship in some cases

Expats can only sponsor maids for 12 months at a time, so if you need to break or terminate your maid’s sponsorship you will not be allowed to replace her by sponsorship for 12 months.

You must have a labor contract with your maid and on completion, you must provide your maid with the airfare back to their country of origin and one month’s paid leave. So yes it can get quite expensive!

Agencies that Help you Sponsor A Maid

Agencies that can help you sponsor a maid or employ a full time maid under the sponsorship of the agency are:

Solutions: 026419227
Delight Cleaning Services– 026789216
InterCare Cleaning– 026330293
Clean Plus Services– 026456800
Wilson International– 026671200

Transfer Sponsorship
One of the easiest ways of finding a maid is by having a friend or colleague recommend one to you.

Sponsored maids often want to stay in the country, so a simple transfer of sponsorship is the easiest way of ensuring you get a maid who is good at her job and highly recommended at the same time.

You will have to send your maid home every two years and cover the cost of any flights and travel expenses as well as food.

If you fire your maid, they will be banned from coming back into the United Arab Emirates for 6 months –a ‘no objection letter’ does not stop this ban from taking effect.

Anyone who lends out their domestic helper can be fined, and the help could end up in jail so be careful. Every now and then a rumor of such a case comes to light.

For more information:

Abu Dhabi: Department of Naturalization and Residency
Telephone: 971 (2) 446-2244, 971 (2) 446-1621
Website: www.moieserv.ae
Hours: Sunday through Thursday: 7am-9pm
Location: Al Saada Road, Al Mushref

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