Abu Dhabi Golf Clubs

Best Golf Courses in the UAE Capital

Wondering where the best golf courses in the UAE are? Abu Dhabi is fast establishing itself as a popular and high quality golfing destination. In the last 30 years the country has managed to develop itself from a remote desert wasteland to a flourishing oasis.

With this development in the infrastructure and economy came demand for more middle class sports such as golf. Abu Dhabi even hosts a major stop of the European golf tour now. So one can now tell that it is establishing itself as a professional level golf destination.

This article will cover the Abu Dhabi Golf Clubs currently available, any future courses, the conditions, the culture of golf in the country and other golf related places in the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

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Popular Abu Dhabi Golf Courses

The main golf clubs in Abu Dhabi are the Al Ghazal golf club, Abu Dhabi golf club, the western Abu Dhabi Golf Resort, Abu Dhabi golf and equestrian club, Abu Dhabi City Golf Club, Yas links and Saadiyat Beach Golf Club.

That is quite a high density of golf locations for the population of the district which is 896,751. The most prestigious of these courses and most internationally recognized is the Abu Dhabi Golf Club. It hosts the European tour date championship and has the most luxurious conditions.

Many professionals such as Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy have played on this Abu Dhabi course. For tourists however off season it is very costly and hard to get a playing spot on this course.

Overall however as one would expect from the amount of courses Abu Dhabi actively welcomes golf into its community. There is a growing culture around the sport and it is helping spread the global reach of golf.

Golf Playing Conditions in Abu Dhabi

Playing conditions can be very hot and tiring in Abu Dhabi. It is always advisable to bring lots of water and a hat that provides shade from the sun. It can be easy to not immediately notice the effects of the sun on such a course. However taking the correct precautions will stop illness such as sun stroke later on.

It is a beautiful region to play golf in but one that players must be careful in.

Shopping for Golf Products

As for the more directly commercial side of golf such as golf shopping, most of this is linked to the clubs. For example some of the clubs have their own pro shops in which equipment and accessories can be bought. As for dedicated golf shops these do not yet seem to exist in Abu Dhabi on a large scale.

Perhaps this is a development that will take hold in the near future as the sport grows in popularity. With the sport actively growing in the region it is not unfathomable that more courses will appear in the future.

There is continued foreign interest in playing golf in the region and as long as this is existent there will be supply to meet the demand.

Hope you find perfect golf courses in Abu Dhabi to meet all your golfing needs!

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