Personal Trainers, Gyms and Classes in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi fitness is in full force -we’ll show you where to go to get in shape!

There are tons of places to do your exercising while you’re in Abu Dhabi. If you’re visiting, you can use any of the gyms at the hotel or use your gym card at the local gyms. During the summer months, it’s not a good idea to workout outside. You can pump some iron indoor at one of the many gyms located in Abu Dhabi.

The fierce sun prevents exercising outdoor, even in the winter months it can be too hot. In Abu Dhabi, they have a fast food joint on every corner, so you will have to find a place to work it off sometime. All the hotels have build-in gyms, but, of course, you have to be staying there to use them. You can also hire a personal trainer to come to your house and give you a nice workout.

Since Abu Dhabi is not known for its healthy population, an explosion of gyms from around the world has been fast going up. Abu Dhabi Country Club is one such club. Although, country club is pushing the word, you can get a terrific workout using all the training equipment, a personalized program, and a personal trainer. They do have a few trees you can walk around for a warm-up or cool down; the rates are surprisingly low and the equipment state-of-the-art. Bring along your iPod and get to work.

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Abu Dhabi Gyms

The Leisure Club offers more classes than other gyms such as yoga, Schwinn class, aerobic latino, and belly dance. Of course, they aren’t open on Fridays but they are the rest of the week. The prices are reasonable and they have personal trainers.

Al Wahda Health Club has an annual membership. It has a huge gym hosting the best Technogym aerobic and weight training equipment and a swimming pool. The staff is very helpful, however, the classes are expensive, but you get a steam room, sauna and Jacuzzi with every class.

Armed Forces Officers Club is of course, for the military in the area, but you don’t have to be military to use it. Buy a membership to use the training equipment. It may sound like it should be intimidating, but everyone is very friendly and helpful. They will help you get into shape.

Bodylines at Beach Rotana may be a busy place. The staff is well trained to know the equipment as well as loaded with tips to get you in shape. They are the friendliest of all the gyms in Abu Dhabi. Do your workout with a sea view staring back at you. You’ll feel as tranquil as if you had a massage.

Haddins Fitness Centre is the social gym of Zayed Sports City. They do have some of the best equipment for working out, plus, they have several training programs that will have you in shape before you know it. I used Haddins for personal training in Abu Dhabi and was very satisfied with the results.

Keeping fit in Abu Dhabi is a cinch! Abu Dhabi fitness centers are plentiful and PT and gyms are easy to find too!

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