Events and Festivities in the UAE Capital!

The best thing about visiting the wealthiest city on the planet is the many events and festivals in Abu Dhabi throws year-round. So you don’t miss any of the festivals, here’s a list of the most important ones during the year.

Run by The Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage, these festivals attract millions every year. They are not to be missed!

Festivals and Events in Abu Dhabi

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christianb_7Petter Solberg – 2007 Race of ChampionsCC BY-SA 2.0

The ADNEC center offers a great space for many of the exhibitions that take place in the UAE capital city. Check out Abu Dhabi Exhibitions for more information on these events.

Middle East International Film Festival : There is no other Abu Dhabi festival so highly awaited than the international film festival put on in Abu Dhabi. Thousands of visitors, 40 representative nations, over 500 associated press members, and a large array of international films.

You can’t’ get better than that! Every year it gets bigger than the year before with film buffs celebrating the advancement of the cinema, displayed in each film. It not only helps build up the tourist industry of Abu Dhabi but it is fast being recognized as the best film festival in the world.

The highlight is the Black Pearl Award that recognizes those who partake in the film industry. It brings together the talented film producers from all big film businesses across the world.

Abu Dhabi International Book Fair : The international book fair highlights include over 400 exhibitors from over 40 countries. Working in partnership with Frankfurt Book Fair authors, this fair brings the skills of KITAB to the forefront. It’s one of the main focal points in the Arabian marketplace and fast being recognized throughout the world. An Abu Dhabi Event not to be missed!

Abu Dhabi Salsa and Jazz Festival: Held at the Beach Rotana Hotel & Towers Abu Dhabi for two fast, fun fill days the jazz, this Abu Dhabi festival offers dance and jazz music. They have Latin dances and artists and the top jazz musicians showcasing many talents on stage.

Abu Dhabi Golf Championship: First begun in 2006, this golf championship brings in all the European PGA golfers are the highlight each year. Soon to enjoy all golfers worldwide with a two million dollar prize and one of the best golf courses in Abu Dhabi.

The Abu Dhabi Cycling Race of Champions: Every November you can enjoy a cycling race using the two flat surfaces after a climb up Mt Jebel Hafeet, the race is an exciting day at the races.

The Emirates Photography Competition: A new hobby for Abu Dhabi is the Photography Competition. You get to enjoy a wide variety of talented photographers. They encourage their locals to enter the competition to showcase the Arab views on the Arts.

The Emirates Film Competition: Another film festival that covers documentaries, fiction, short films, and animation. Every year they encourage their students at UAE to show their masterpieces and win the valuable prizes. Not only filled with films, but with seminars for an in depth look at filmmaking.

International Fine Art & Antiques Fair: What better place to hold and antique fair than Abu Dhabi? The Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre displays the rarest of antiques and fine art from around the world. The building is over 5000 sq meters of free space to hold over 100 dealers.

They also have coffee shops, banks and shops. There are many great festivals and event in the UAE and indeed in Abu Dhabi! Enjoy them all!

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