Celebrations at the End of Ramadan

Eid is an important Muslim holiday at the end of Ramadan! Muslims and their friends greet each other with the term ‘Eid Mubarak’ meaning Happy Eid.

Cards and text messages are exchanged much like in the Christian Christmas celebrations.

This celebration or festival that is recognized by Muslims worldwide. Eid falls when Ramadan is finished and when there is a new moon. Ramadan is a month long ritual of daytime fasting.

The loose translation of Eid is “festivity”. There is also a large charitable component to this time of celebration. Every Muslim is expected to donate to those less fortunate, and either food or money may be given.

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Dates of Eid Festivities

Eid consists of two, 3-day celebrations: Eid Ul Fitr this year began on Aug 19, 2012 and Eid Al Adha begins Oct 25, 2012. On the first day of Eid Al Adha Muslims everywhere travel to their mosque to pray.

Afterward they visit friends and family at some time they will either stop by a farm or arrange for an animal to be slaughtered in sacrifice.

The food gained at the sacrifice is either used during or after the holiday, and the kill is divided in to thirds. One third is used by the family itself as well as their relatives, some is passed on to friends and the final section is donated to the less fortunate. This celebration typically lasts for four days.

The First Day of Eid

On the first day of Eid Ul Fitr, each Muslim is to follow a prescribed list of activities including, rising early, brushing their teeth with a special brush, taking a bath, putting on their best clothing and perfume, eating a sweet, and reciting a verse while on their way to pray.

This Eid celebration is where Muslims break their fast, and much attention is paid to good food and dancing, to rejoice the breaking of the fast.

Is Eid A Public Holiday?

Eid is a holiday for government workers and school children. It is a time of worship and joy. The streets are decorated, gifts are exchanged and friends and families reconnect.

Much shopping is done during this time in the UAE and other Muslim countries as well.

Eid festivities are a great time to watch and learn how the people celebrate this joyous occasion.

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