Delicious Arabic Food

Your kid often gets bored with the same old mundane foods and keeps nagging for a spicy twist to their daily fare. Surprise them with a plate of chicken biriyani and see their face lit up with joy.

Chicken biriyani is spiced up basmati rice with meat, egg and sometimes veggies straight from the Middle Eastern cuisine. However, don’t mix up chicken biriyani with any other rice pilaf, it rules above all. The rice cooked under alternative layers of spic

Even while it is cooking, its intoxicating aroma fills your kitchen and leaves you drooling. After it is done, the very first spoonful of chicken biriyani will leave you in trance mode and keep you yearning for more. The delicious flavour of chicken biriyani is exclusive by itself and fit for royalty. A handful of raisins and nuts in chicken biriyani adds to its charm and turn it into a lavish affair. The taste of chicken biriyani hardly leaves us in any doubt that why the dish originating in Iraq is now a global favourite.

Preparing this mouth watering dish might be a problem initially. Patience and lots of care are the chief mantra to cook chicken biriyani. Choose your ingredients with care, don’t rush and follow the instructions of the recipe cautiously. After it is done, if the grains are dry and don’t stick to each other, you have prepared a perfect plate of chicken biriyani. So, gear up and treat your kids with chicken biriyani.

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• 8 large pieces of chicken, washed and dried
• 1 cup basmati rice, washed, soaked in water for half an hour and drained
• ½ cup ghee
• 1 large onion, minced
• 2’’ ginger, minced
• 5 garlic cloves, minced
• 1 large tomato, minced
• ½ cup coriander leaves, minced
• 1 tbsp garam masala powder
• 1’’ cinnamon bark
• 3-4 green cardamom pods
• 2 black cardamom pods
• 2-3 cloves
• ½ tsp turmeric powder
• 2 tsp ground pepper
• ½ tsp salt

• Heat ghee in a pan over medium heat and sauté the minced onion, garlic and ginger for a couple of minutes.
• Add the chicken pieces and stir in the salt and spices.
• Cook for about 5 minutes over medium heat and then lower the heat and cook for another 10 minutes until the juices released from the chicken is nearly disappears.
• Throw in the coriander leaves and tomato and spend 5 minutes cooking them.
• Transfer the rice to the pan and keep stirring the mixture to avoid sticking.
• Pour 2 cups of water into it, cover and seal the junction of lid and pan with a strip of dough.
• Let the rice cook in the spicy mixture for 15 minutes or more until the water ebb away.
• Serve steaming hot.

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