Registration, Licensing and more

Buying a car in Abu Dhabi? In order to do anything official in Abu Dhabi, you need a residency visa.

If you’re going to be purchasing a car and driving while living in Abu Dhabi, you’ll need to look around at the various makers of cars. They have German, US, and Japanese brands, which are also the most popular.

Many car dealers in Abu Dhabi have previously owned vehicles that still have warranties. It’s due to the people coming and going in Abu Dhabi so frequently.

You can find a reputable vehicle dealership with cars for sale, but you can also find notices in supermarkets, online forums, and in the local newspapers.

Leasing a Car in Abu Dhabi

You can also lease a vehicle while you’re in Abu Dhabi, of course, it depends on your situation. However, it may cost less to lease than to buy out right. Leasing usually takes care of the registration, insurance, maintenance of the vehicle. You are, of course, responsible for dents and scratches after you drive if off the lot.

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Financing a Car in Abu Dhabi

You might want to use your own bank for financing but the dealership can arrange for financing with their affiliated bank. If you don’t pay cash, there will be the monthly payment you’ll have to write a check for since Abu Dhabi doesn’t have direct payments.

You’ll have to register with the Traffic Police annually. You get a one month grace time if you let the registration expire. When that happens you’ll end up with a fine of Dhr.100 for each month it’s expired.

The Traffic Police are located near the Pepsi factory near the Zayed Sports Complex. You’ll also need car insurance, so you’ll need to know the make, model and chassis number of the vehicle

You usually have to pay 4 to 7% of the vehicle’s value. There are many big agencies -we used AXA but the dealer can recommend others too.

Once you’ve taken care of everything with registration and insurance, you can drive wherever you want in Abu Dhabi. In case of an accident, report it to the police.

You can’t get your car fixed without an accident report. Just like anywhere, the police will decide who is responsible and you’ll either get a pink or green form as the report to give to the repair company.

Most times the police use an automated machine that prints your report on the spot but sometimes they write reports by hand and you have to go to the station to get your copy.

Buying a car in Abu Dhabi is a relatively straight forward process if you follow these steps.

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