10 Best Bars in Abu Dhabi

Enjoy the Nightlife in the UAE

If you are planning a holiday or move to the UAE you maybe wondering about bars in Abu Dhabi! Abu Dhabi is a modern and cosmopolitan city. So yes, you can drink alcohol in the UAE. You will find some dry hotels that don’t serve alcohol, but the majority do serve it.

There are plenty of bars in Abu Dhabi to visit, in fact, the number of nightclubs seems to be growing every month!

If you are a resident of the UAE you need a liquor license, although it is highly unlikely you will ever be asked for this- it is better to be safe than sorry!. Tourists don’t need to worry about this and can drink in any licensed establishment!

You have to try shisha while visiting as well! It is a flavored smoke that you inhale through a water pipe, it is very popular here, although I only tried it once and was coughing and gagging-it was a good laugh though!

Ladies’ Night is popular in the city. Check out our recommendations for the best nights to visit the nightclubs or bars in Abu Dhabi for a free or discounted drink! A great night out for the girls is to plot a few of the different places to visit and to do a real crawl through the town!

Top 10 Bars in Abu Dhabi!

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Escape Lounge
This bar is in an open air setting wherein you can plop yourself in a beanbag and lay back as you watch the stars with a tasty flavoured shisha pipe. This bar is best if you want a relaxed vibe, fresh air and tasty drinks.

Sho Cho
This is an outdoor bar as well that is really stylish. It has furnishings that are really trendy plus splashes of neon around to brighten the atmosphere. During the hot weather, there is also an indoor setting where you can enjoy the air conditioned comforts. Chill-out music are played during Thursdays while on Fridays, tunes of the 80s are played. This bar is best for cocktail drinks. This is my favorite-I love the food here too and the view of the mosque all lit up at night!

This Abu Dhabi bar is a homey sports bar which is popular with the expats. Great place to catch the latest sports games with friends. The atmosphere in the bar is female-friendly. This is best if you are watching the big match.

Pearls & Caviar
Sophistication is the way of life in this bar as it has two venues. You can go downstairs at Caviar restaurant where you can enjoy eating fresh seafood. You can choose to be upstairs where the rooftop bar Pearls concocts devilish cocktails.

Eight Bar
This bar is best known for its quality bar snacks. It has long and brown-colored sofas as well as white high back chairs. The bar is illuminated with huge shelves of bottles which are all glowing. Fun for a night out!

PJ O’Reillys
This bar has regular DJs. They have daily happy hours at noon up to 7 pm and from 10 pm until 11 pm. This bar is best because of its old-fashioned pub vibe. Great for a lively night out on the town!

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Rock Bottom
This bar may not be the most sophisticated venue but it certainly has the fun factor. This is one of the few nightclubs in Abu Dhabi that is always busy. Great for the younger crowd looking to party the night away!

Yacht Club
This as one of the newest bars. This bar is a mixture of bar, lounge and restaurant. There is elegance in dress code – must be with collar and no jeans.

Trader Vics
This is the world famous bar with locations around the world. They have excellent finger foods and killer Mai Tais. This bar is a popular venue for parties especially during weekends. Many expats hang out here! I love the appetizers to-a great night out for sure!

Havana Bar
This is the Abu Dhabi bar that is best when you want to puff a cigar. A great place to hang with the boys after a round of golf!

When you want a fun night out you will find plenty of bars in Abu Dhabi to keep you happy!

What do you think of the nightlife in Abu Dhabi?

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