Bain Al Jessrain – Between Two Bridges

Bab al Bar -An Abu Dhabi Suburb

As the name states, Bain al Jessrain or Between two Bridges lies between the Maqta Bridge and the Mussafah Bridge. About 20 minutes from downtown Abu Dhabi and 10 minutes from the airport it is one of the newer residential areas. This is the area of the city you first see when driving into Abu Dhabi from the airport. Its position between the central Abu Dhabi area and Al Raha make it very convenient.

Within this section of the city is the Armed Forces Officers City a hotel and residential.

There are two residential gated communities, Mangrove Village and Seashore Villas each with modern large villas they are self-contained with either private gardens or communal recreational facilities. Recreational facilities include a cinema, theatre, pools, children’s village, gym and the list goes on.

The property in Bain Al Jessrain is in high demand and the houses are family size except for a few one and two-bedroom apartments which have been sectioned off of villas.

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Not all of these smaller apartments attached to larger villas have all the legal municipal building permits necessary so check before you rent. Housing generally is reasonably priced here but not readily available. There is also the Shangri-Li Residence which rents out furnished apartments at a high cost.

This area is good for families and has many expat residents who enjoy the large gardens and suburban facilities. Being such a new area it is popular with the young up and coming families and the area is set to develop into one of the city’s best residential neighborhoods.

Entertainment & Shopping
Close by are the Shrangri-La and Fairmont Hotels as well as the Souk Qaryat Al Beri where you can find restaurants, stores, bars and other places of entertainment although in the actual area itself there are only a few stores.

Within Mangrove Village is a mini-market, Fresh Grove, and there are a few supermarkets a short drive away as well as a Spinneys which sells pork and alcohol near Mangrove Village.


There are at least two nursery schools, a high school and international school here, the Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi is a branch of the Paris Sorbonne and a French language institute, the University of Abu Dhabi also has a campus here.

Also in the area is the Petroleum Institute and nearby is the Emirate technical and Safety Development Center. Close by are numerous educational facilities in Al Raha. A 25 minute drive away is the British International School (BISAD) and the American International School (AIS).

Health Care

You’re closest medical facility is a branch of Al Noor Hospital in Mussafah, it is called the Mussafah Clinic for emergency treatment you will need to go further into the city.

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