Learn Simple Arabic

Arabic Words and Phrases is a Central Semitic language spoken in most of the Arab world and in the North African region. This language is spoken by Arabs and is said to be the descendant language of the Arabic language that dates as far back as the 6th century AD.

It is spoken by Arabs and also used in literary and academic centers and documents. It also used in conversations, radio broadcast, in trade commerce, banking and industry and in places of worship, especially in Islam.

Arabic is spoken by an estimated 300 million if all dialects are considered one language. If the different sects are considered separately, then Egyptian Arabic dialect would rank as most widely spoken of them all, with 50 million native speakers. The two main dialects are Classical Arabic, used in mosques, the Quran and spoken around Saudi Arabia and Mecca region.

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The other major dialect is Modern Standard Arabic has used academically in books and informal institutions.

Useful Arabic Phrases

The following are useful Arabic phrases and words

Hello -Marhaba
Good Morning – Sabah Al Kair
Good Evening – Masaa Al Kair
Hi – Salaam
How Are You? -Kaifa haloka or haloki
Thank you -Shokran
You are welcome -Al’afw
I missed you so much – Eshtaqto elaika or ealiki

Learning Arabic can be easy or difficult, depending on the learner’s spoken language. Learners from Sahel areas or Semitic regions may find it much easier to learn that those from areas such as Europe or the Pacific.

The Arabic language is said to be a much easier language to learn than German or Spanish. It can be difficult though when learning the grammar. Learning a particular dialect is best learned by spending a couple of years in that particular region. However, for purposes of general Arabic matters such as news, academics, training, trade and similar matters, it is much better and easier to learn this format of Arabic. It is referred to as modern standard Arabic.

Useful Arabic words

I / me Ana
You Inta (male) Inti (female)
He Howwa
She Heyya
We Ehna
They Homm
Yes Naam – Aaywa
No La’a
Thank God Al – Hamdolillah
Fine Kowayyes (male) Kaayyesah (female)
Hopefully / God willing Inshalla

Growth and spread of Arabic was widely attributed to the spread of Islam around the world. Pronunciation and reading Arabic is much the same as any other language. There is a script writing format for the language which is taught at Arabic classes.

For more information on the best way to learn Arabic.

Arabic Language Resources

Check out these great resources for learning Arabic language. The popular Rosetta stone series is always a good starting point. Reliable and with extensive research proving it works the Rosetta stone method is used in schools around the world to develop competency in many languages including Arabic.

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