A History of Arab Poets

Learn about the history of famous Arabic poets. The Arabic culture has been in existence for quite a long time. The values and beliefs of the culture are strongly rooted in its people. You can tell this from the way they lead and expressed their lives.

Poetry is one of the forms through which the Arabic culture was brought out to the world to embrace. If you speak or understand the Arabic language then you can easily relate to the deep richness of culture and beliefs penned by the Arabic poets.

There is a unique history in Arabic poems with each having its writer emulated to be a great composer and expressionist. As the sixth century faded away, the Arab language had substantial growth and had an aptness that set it aside from that of other cultures. This was well put into context in the Arabic poets’ words and literature.

You can predate the historic richness of the poems and the writers back to a location called Ukatz. During Dhu’l hajj, the different communities would send their best Arabic poets to represent then in the Ukatz hajj.

Famous Arabic Poets

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Through this, the writers grew to become famous with every Dhu’l hajj held. We will look at some of these poetic legends and shed light on how they became brilliant poets.

He was a prince of the Kinda Arab community. He had a life rich in controversy with his father finding no place in his kingdom for him and the kind of life he led. He was banished only to be a man of the essence of his community when his father was assassinated. With this happening in his life, Hunduj still managed to be a fine poet writing pieces that received accolades even from Mohammed.

This writer is said to be a poetic genius. He was a love for poetry from the tender age of 7years. His writing days sprung to light when he was in his uncle’s company on a trip and we did a poem about larks. Throughout his life until his demise, Tarafa wrote heart touching poems and rose to become one of the greatest known Arabic poets.

His abilities to pen excellent poems was evident in his youthful days. Under the guided watch of his uncle, he grew in poetic perfection. Besides his uncle’s deathbed, Zuhayr discovered that according to Arabic culture and beliefs, poetry is not something that one attains for it is received within family lines. Armed with this information, he did proceed to write epic Arab poems.

These are just three Arabic poets who made an impact in the Arabic culture leaving their footprints in its history. Many others still did the same and have a great accolade for their works.

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