Best Arabic Food To Try in the UAE

Arab Recipes you will Love

Let us show you the ABC of Arabic cuisine! There are many foods to taste in the Arabic cuisine, aside from the well known tabbouleh, fattoush and lavish Iftar.

After living in the UAE and Bahrain we have learned a lot about the common foods and simple love it!

I really love Arab recipes-they are really simple and tasty!

Expand your horizons and taste these delicious Arabic foods or if you already love Emirati cuisine tell us your favorites!

Best Arabic Food

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Pre Dinner Foods

1. Milk and dates provide Muslims with a quick energy kick after having a long fast.

It is also a way of starting a meal as it is highly symbolic because it is believed that milk and dates reflect the snack chosen by the Muslim Prophet Mohamed. Dates are found everywhere from hotel lobbies to meeting rooms! Read more about the Arabic date here!

2. Harira is a soup made of lamb which is made in Moroccan style and comes with chickpeas and lentils.

This soup allows your stomach to relax after a long fast before you get into the feast proper. It warms the digestive system, it gives your body the protein and fiber that you need.

3. Malfoof is a morsel that is bite-size which is composed of cabbage leaves wrapped in bulguar wheat or rice. This is a lighter version of stuffed vine leaves which are found on the mezze platters of the Lebanese cuisine.

Arab Food -Main Courses

Now for some delicious main Arabic food dishes!

4. The hearty dish of Lamb ouzi is a part of the more than 3000 livestock which are slaughtered in Abu Dhabi during the Ramadan month.

The traditional style of this dish is that the whole animal will be spit grilled and then be stuffed with nuts and spiced rice. This dish is usually the center piece for the Iftar feast.

5. Harees is also a dish found on the tables during Iftar feast in which this is a dish of boiled wheat and tender and slow-cooked lamb.

6. White fish cooked with onion rice is referred to as Sayadai fish. It is delicious!

7. Kousa mahshi is a dish that is topped with yoghurt and met-stuffed courgette. The presentation of the dish could be in whole or only half. This depends on the place where you are eating. This can also come with rice, garlic or mint.

Arabic Desserts

Who said that Arabic cuisine doesn’t have desserts? The last three of my favorites are all desserts.

8. Kunafeh is the contribution of the Palestinians in the tables during the Iftar feast.

This is a sweet cheese-based pastry. This food which is part of the breakfast of Arab nations is in the Arabic cuisine’s dessert section which comes with heavy syrup around it. This will complement your Arabic coffee. The two is a perfect combination.

9. Baklava is available even if it is not Ramadan time, but the best and special of it comes out during Ramadan. Baklava is turkey nuggets which are flavored with chopped nuts and rosewater syrup.

10. Umm Ali is a dessert that is so creamy. This is such a hit in the Arabic cuisine. It comes with pine nuts, pistachios, and almonds.!

Hope you like my list of Arabic food to try out! If you are a newbie to Arabic food this should help you out! Let us know which is your favorite!

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