Visit the Sand Dunes of the UAE

Abu Dhabi is the perfect base to launch yourself into a desert adventure, there are tour companies designed specifically to giving you a desert safari experience not far from the creature comforts of Abu Dhabi.

Forms of Transport
Abu Dhabi desert safari companies will offer you a choice of transport to get you across the rolling sand dunes of the desert. You can choose to take the ship of the desert, the camel which will be led by expert handlers.

Alternatively, take a roaring 4X4 jeep either driven by an expert driver or there are self-drive tours where a caravan of jeeps is led by the tour guide.

Another form of transport is to go dune bashing but this is usually as an additional desert activity and not the main form of transport. In any case, your tour will probably begin with being picked up at your hotel by a jeep.

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Arabian Desert Safari Activities

Although the incredible desert scenery will keep you mesmerized and the tour guide will be able to point out interesting desert animals and plants there are also exciting activities which desert safaris will offer you.

Try dune bashing for an hour or two, stop the vehicles and go hiking for some of the way, maybe even discover a desert spring and take a cooling dip in the water. Desert safaris can include Bedouin entertainment like traditional music or dancing.

There are also activities which involve falconry, a belly dancing performance in a Bedouin camp, desert cricket, orienteering treasure hunts, sand boarding or even sand skiing.

Types of Abu Dhabi Safari

Overnight desert safari
A typical desert safari of this kind leaves Abu Dhabi at 5:30pm by 4X4 for some dune bashing, a visit to a camel farm then the tour stops at a Bedouin campsite for a meal (usually BBQ) and some traditional entertainment.

In the camp you will also be able to get Henna painted temporary “tattoos” and try smoking a hooka. Guests sleep overnight in a tent and then are taken back to the city after breakfast the next morning.

One full day Arabian desert safari
Tours leave the city and take you into the desert in a 4X4 through the dunes where you can try some desert driving.

The tour stops for lunch at an Oasis then continues deeper into the desert to observe the animals and plants. You may also visit a fish farm in the desert.

Two full days Arabian desert safari
The first day would be like the one day tour and overnight tour then on the second day the safari would continue through the desert terrain and include some of the activities listed above.

Now if roughing it is not your style there are companies like Executive Oasis which specialize in luxury desert safaris from Abu Dhabi.

These romantic tours include the other desert activities but with pampering accommodation at the end and sometimes even spa treatments in the middle of the desert.

Visit this page to book a desert safari tour!

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