Expat Residential Area of Abu Dhabi

Basically mid-island in the downtown area Al Karama a very central location close to the Abu Dhabi Main Bus Station and surrounded by all the city conveniences yet set apart with a suburban feel.

There are villa compounds both old and more recently built these housing groups usually come with communal facilities like a pool, sports club etc.

You can also find low rise buildings, some of the buildings are about 20 years old which is ancient in Abu Dhabi housing terms and you can still find some classic architecture.

Townhouses with 4-5 bedrooms are also available here. Parking is not a problem here and property in this popular area is in high demand.

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Popular with families as the environment is safe and quiet the area is also popular with expats from the western countries who have established a tight knit community here in some of the villa compounds. Established families live here and the area is very popular.

Within a kilometer of the area is the Zayed University of Abu Dhabi, INSEAD (graduate business school), Abu Dhabi International Private Schools, Al Rayyan National Private School and in the nearby Al Musalla area are the First Steps School and Nursery, and the Jigsaw Nursery and Crèche (read more about Nurseries here)

Entertainment and Services
The Al Wahda Mall is less than a kilometer away in the neighboring Al Wahadh, a popular shopping and entertainment center apart from a few stores there are few facilities here unless you count those within the villa compounds. You won’t have any where to go out to at night if you stick to this area but a short drive into the center is necessary for restaurants, bars etc.

Health Care
Conveniently located to take advantage of the hospitals in the central area such as the Emirate Hospital, American European Medical center and the Sheikh Khalifa Medical City. Within nearby Muroor is the Middle East Specialized Medical Center which gives health and dental care. Read more about medical care here.

Al Rowdahl, Al Mushrif, Al Musalla and Al Dhafra are very similar to Al Karamah in most ways although Al Dhafra does have a few restaurants. All four of these adjacent areas are popular with Anglo-expats and the streets are tree lined and suburban in nature.

More about Al Karama

Al Mushrif Areas

Al Mushrif is home to the Al Mushrif Palace, Al Mushrif Children’s Park, Mushrif Mall and the Women’s Handicrafts Center. This area is located between the Airport Road and the Beach Road and housing consists mainly of villas along tree lined avenues and open park areas.

There is a sense of community here both of locals and expats. Although lacking health care facilities there are plenty in the surrounding areas and educational institutes can also be easily reached including the Sheikh Zayed Private Academy for girls and the British School.

Christian churches of Abu Dhabi are located here including Anglican, Pentecostal, Episcopalian, Roman Catholic and Evangelistic. There is an English language library in the Saint Andrew’s Compound and Al Mushrif is also home to several government buildings.

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