West Abu Dhabi Suburb

This neighborhood in the western part of the city on the main island is neighbor to the community in Khalidiyah. There are several palaces here surrounded by high walls. Baynunah Street runs from Al Bateen to the Corniche and is one of the city’s most beautiful well kept streets.

Although 80% of the Abu Dhabi population is not Emirate nationals many of the remaining 20% many have chosen to live in this prestigious area. For expats and foreigners choosing to live here they will find themselves in a predominantly traditional Emirate Arabian community. The area is family orientated, affluent and kid-friendly. This is also a good location for those with their own boat as they can make use of the Bateen jetty.

The streets here are wide and lined with trees and large luxurious villas with private gardens. The majority of housing in this area is villas and not apartment blocks although there are a few low rise blocks. There are 6 new tall apartment buildings overlooking the marina. This area is in high demand and the properties are expensive. There is also no shortage of parking space, both private and on the road side. The trees and flowerbed on the streets make this an esthetic place to live.

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Entertainment and Services
There are plenty of public playgrounds for the kids in the nearby Khalidiyah neighborhood you’ll find supermarkets selling alcohol and pork products (which can not be bought in all parts of the city).

At the Al Bateen Mall you can get your basic supermarket type supplies also in this area is a post office and 2 gas stations. At the Al Bateen Marina you’ll find the Marina Sports Club and several bars and restaurants as well as stunning sea views. You can also see traditional boats being constructed in the Bateen dhow yard.

There aren’t any major hotels in the immediate area which adds to the traditional Emirati feel as there are no hotel bars and nightclubs. Near to the Marina is the Intercontinental Hotel and nearby the Emirates Palace Hotel both hotels have bars and top class restaurants. The neighborhood is also home to a business executive private jet airport. The beaches and center of the city are close by and there are convenient supermarkets like Spinneys.

You can find the Al Bateen Secondary School here catering for grades 7 through 10 (ages 11-18) the school runs on a British style curriculum and opened its doors in 2011. The American Community School is just on the edge of this neighboring area, Al Khalidiya and teaches all grades. Al Bateen Science School is a private school where teaching is in Arabic.


This Abu Dhabi suburb is home to the Gulf Diagnostic Center and the Al Bateen Primary Health Center where you can get emergency treatment and they also handle dental care. The Swedish Medical Center is close by and at the Advanced American Dental Surgery you can get dental care. Another hospital close by is the Central Hospital.

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