Visit the Best Animal Park in the UAE

Al Ain Zoo is one of Abu Dhabi’s most popular family attractions. The zoo covers 990 acres at the edge of the Jebel Mountains and is home to more than 4,000 animals.

Al Ain has been opened in 1968 by Sheik Zayed who was concerned about preserving the indigenous animal life of the nation. His vision was to recreate the natural habitats of the wildlife where they could be protected and could safely procreate.

Endangered species are given special care here and nurtured in a safe and natural environment. One of the endangered indigenous animals here is the desert antelope, desert gazelle and Arabian Oryx who have successfully been bred here.

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Special Features at the Al Ain Zoo

Family Nights – Families can come and have a picnic in the zoo grounds and enjoy entertainment and attractions (not during Ramadan).

African Mix Exhibit – 5 hectares of land with wild African animals running free. This includes the rare Nubian giraffes. See the giraffes getting fed five times a day.

White Lions – See this rare and endangered species of lion from Sanbona, South Africa.

Arabian Mixed Exhibit – See animals from the Arabian Peninsula like the Oryx and sand gazelles. You can often see the baby animals here as they are successfully bred in this natural habitat.

Cat House – the collection is one of the biggest in the world and includes the white tigers and other big cats like the cheetah, Arabian leopard and Arabian sand cats.

Bird House – Here you can see 300 birds from 25 species, you can also see them being fed at 9am and 3pm. the Bird House is home to penguins as well who are fed at 10:30am and 4pm.

See some of the magnificent birds in the regular bird shows which feature birds of prey including vultures, eagles and falcons. The shows are daily at 7pm (times vary during Ramadan).

Children’s Garden – This is adjacent to the zoo and covers 2,000m² it includes a vegetable garden, recycling garden, fruit trees, native plants, a herb garden and more exciting plants.

Reptile House – You enter through a tunnel through the crocodile exhibit and there you can see 30 indoor exhibits and 3 outdoor. There are some unusual species like the UAE Sand Boa and other indigenous and foreign species.

Petting Zoo – The petting zoo exhibits farm animals and pets, kids can buy feed to give to the animals and they are welcome to get close to the animals and touch them.

Al Ain Zoo Opening Hours

The Al Ain Zoo is open daily during Eid Al Fitr holiday from 10am to 10pm and from June 1st to September 30th from 4pm to 10pm.

Entrance is a very reasonable 15AED for adults, 5AUD for kids aged 3-12 and under 3 years old enter for free. On the premises you can find a restaurant and store.

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