Enjoy Dune Bashing, Para-sailing and Skydiving!

You will be amazed at the adventure sports in Abu Dhabi- there are a lot! Abu Dhabi is the perfect location for adventure sports due to the natural surroundings, there is the desert, the sea and the incredible landscape all within easy reach.

Here are some of the most popular and thrilling adventure sports Abu Dhabi has to offer.

Desert driving (Desert Safari) Hire a 4X4 or take out your own in to the sandy desert, a Hummer for example can navigate the desert’s unique terrain and go up steep dunes to the point where you think it is just about to turn over, but it doesn’t!

Other 4X4 adventures will take you into the mountains over rocks and unchartered land then perhaps across streams and pools of water which the 4X4 can handle with your help. Prices start at about 300AED.

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Wadi Bashing
Wadi Bashing is one of the traditional Abu Dhabi adventure sports. It is actually the act of riding a four wheel drive vehicle through a Wadi and there are many wadis around Abu Dhabi.

A wadi is a dry river bed like a small valley and the rocks and rough terrain make it perfect for this sport. Feel the thrill of scaling large boulders and almost tipping over then bumping down into the rugged stones.

Other exhilarating adventure sports in Abu Dhabi are in the sand-they include Sand Boarding and quad bike riding. If you want to try rock climbing in Abu Dhabi you’ll have to go to Al Ain’s Jebel Hafeet.


Dune Buggying
A dune buggy (quad bike) is a cute looking little vehicle like an open jeep but low on the ground with widely placed wheels which move over the desert sands.

The buggies are 1500cc and operated by manual gears to give you the thrill of a natural roller-coaster up and down the dunes.


Power Boat Racing
Even if you’re not into racing taking a high powered jet boat out to cut through the surf is a thrill. As opposed to a regular boat a jet boat uses an internal propeller to propel it across the water.

When the water is sucked in through the bottom of the boat and shot out the back it gives the speed that thrill seekers are after. Then with skilled maneuvering, the twists and turns in the water add to the excitement.

The Abu Dhabi teams have done well in international competitions in this sport which is extremely popular in Abu Dhabi. Read more about Power Boating in Abu Dhabi here!

Scuba Diving
The marine life in the Gulf makes diving here a true adventure sport; you never know what large fish you will come across, a sailfish, marlin or barracuda.

Just off the coast there are many sunken vessels ready to be discovered even in water that is not that deep, this kind of adventure sport is called wreck diving. There are other active sports you can do on the water in Abu Dhabi, they’re not necessarily classed as adventure sports but they definitely get the adrenaline pumping.

These sports include water-skiing; wake-boarding; banana boating; para sailing and kite surfing. Read more about Scuba Diving in the UAE here


Blokarting (Sand Yachting/Land Sailing)
If you want to blow off some steam without polluting the environment with fuel fumes then try blokarting, a blokart is a low open three wheeled buggy frame with a sail and it is propelled forward by the wind.

It can reach speeds of up to 90km/h. The proximity to the ground makes this an exciting experience. Prices start at about 300AED.

For other eco-friendly adventure sports try trail biking through the mangroves.


How about jumping out of an airplane now that’s what I call an adventure sport! Many people have this on their “bucket list” and in Abu Dhabi you can accomplish this dream.

You get the speed of free falling, the sensation of flying like a bird and if you dare open your eyes you get the incredible view of Abu Dhabi beneath you. If you’ve never jumped out of a plane at 13,000 feet before you can start with a tandem jump where you jump attached to a professional instructor.

A professional jump starts at about 1500AED. If you’re not up to the actual thing then try indoor skydiving at SkyVenture where you jump into a wind tunnel to simulate the jumping experience. For other adventure sports in the air try a microlight flight or paramotoring/gliding.This is an adventure sport in Abu Dhabi you don’t want to miss!

Formula 1 Car Racing

At the Yas Marina Circuit attend the racing school and get a chance to roar around the grand Prix track like a real racing driver. Prices start at about 650AED.

If you’re not up to any of these challenges (yet) then try being a spectator at a camel race, horse race or Formula 1 race in Abu Dhabi. You can run out of ideas when it comes to Abu Dhabi adventure sports!



Fishing in Abu Dhabi can be a great adventure! We give you all the detail you need to know from getting a fishing licence to booking an all inclusive fishing day out!

With crystal blue waters and plenty of fish to catch Abu Dhabi is a fisherman’s dream! Read more!

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