Education in UAE

Looking for an Abu Dhabi University? To ensure that the higher education institute you have chosen in Abu Dhabi is accredited the Commission for the Academic Accreditation of Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research issues licenses to the accredited institutions.

There are over 19 accredited higher education institutes in Abu Dhabi but not all of these institutes will suit expats, the federal institutions are almost exclusively for UAE citizens and the private institutions more readily welcome expats.

Sorbonne Abu Dhabi
This is a branch of the Sorbonne in Paris, they offer undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in a range of subjects including the humanities, international business, languages, law, and urban planning.

Tuition for a BA is approximately $16,875USD annually, there are also non-refundable registration fees which are deducted from your tuition if you are accepted by the university.

A master’s degree will set you back $39,193USD for the 1-4 semesters. Housing in a single room costs $3,402USD per semester.

Tuition is in French and admission requirements for a BA include an aptitude test in French and a high school diploma. The university follows the European education system of License Masters-Doctorate (LMD) system.

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More Abu Dhabi Universities

NYU Abu Dhabi
Conveniently located in downtown Abu Dhabi this is a branch of the New York University in America. The subjects taught include arts, social sciences, engineering and languages.

There are also opportunities to volunteer and get experience working for various official bodies like museums and the government. Courses in an extramural subject like snorkeling, cooking, and comedy are also offered. Attendance fees include tuition and mandatory fees of $42,900USD plus compulsory health insurance $2,200USD, room and board can cost you $14,900USD reaching an approximate total of $60,000USD annual expenses.

Admission is based not only on test scores and grades but on a range of factors. Admission is according to academic potential and qualifications according to admission standards at the New York (USA) branch of the university.

Tuition is in English. Students who already hold a BA are not accepted as the NYU Abu Dhabi as they don’t issue second bachelor degrees.

UAE University
Although this is a national institute it does accept non-UAE students and the language of instruction is English. The university has 9 faculties and teaches over 12,000 students (3/4 female) the main campus is in Al Ain. The UAE University offers bachelor degrees, postgraduate, Ph.D. programs and continuation education programs.

Abu Dhabi University

This is the Abu Dhabi national university. The standard of education is high at Abu Dhabi University with the faculty holding PhDs from western universities. There are undergraduate and postgraduate degrees issues here.

Once you are accepted as an international student you will need to pay $3,000USD as a deposit on visa processing, application and registration fees and dormitory deposit.

You also need to supply proof that you have funds in excess of $10,000USD at your disposal. Approximate annual tuition fees are $40,166USD for arts and science, $49,830USD for business administration and $63,953 for engineering and computer science. Read more about Abu Dhabi University here!

Zayed University
The university lectures here are in English, and the focus of subjects is on business, civil society, government and family life. There is a campus in Abu Dhabi north and south as well as Al Ruwayyah and the Knowledge Village in Dubai.

Both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees are offered, some limited financial aid is available to foreign students through the Office of Enrollment Management.

Masdar Institute
Predominantly dealing with technology, sustainable energy, and engineering this university focuses on research. Only postgraduate and PhD students attend this institute.

The campus is very hi-tech and sophisticated. The criteria for acceptance are tough but once you are accepted all applicants are offered a scholarship to cover all expenses including medical, accommodation, tuition and even a laptop! This scholarship applies to non-nationals as well.

Although there are many higher education institutes in Abu Dhabi you will find that most are exclusively for nationals and the language of instruction is often only in Arabic.

If you want to do an MBA your options in Abu Dhabi are better than those wanting to study for their first degree.

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