A Step-By-Step Vacation Planner

Abu Dhabi Travel Guide. When planning a trip to the UAE capital, let us give you the inside scoop!

At Your Abu Dhabi Guide, we have loads and loads of UAE travel experience. Let us be your personal guides we can help you plan an amazing trip to the UAE.

Let’s start with a cool vacation planner. Our planner will ensure you don’t forget any important details and make your trip unforgettable!

1. Check your Visa Requirements

Check out our visa page to see if you need to apply for a visa beforehand or can just rock up at the airport and get a free or paid visa on demand!

2. Book your Air Ticket

Booking a ticket to the UAE should be easy with Dubai and Abu Dhabi being hubs for international travel around the globe.

We recommend the national carriers Etihad and Emirates for their fabulous service, great prices, and modern aircraft.

Read more here.

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3. Choose The Area you want to Stay In

Abu Dhabi is not too large and therefore no matter where you stay you won’t be more that 30 minutes from most places.

However it is worth having a look at the different Abu Dhabi neighborhoods and suburbs to see what is the best location for your stay!

Read about the suburbs here.

4. Find a Wonderful Hotel

Abu Dhabi has all kinds of accommodation from budget to the super luxurious!

Use our insider tips to find the perfect hotel for your stay in the UAE!

5. Plan your Airport Transfer

6. Plan What you want to See and Do

7. Book your Abu Dhabi Tours

If you want to experience a desert safari or a city tour with all the comforts we suggest you book in a tour. They are reasonably priced and allow you to make sure you don’t miss any of the great sights!

8. Decide What and Where to Eat

Food in Abu Dhabi is amazing to say the least! Where it is Japanese or Italian or Lebanese you will find some of the world’s top restaurants and chefs preparing your food!

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