Guide to Abu Dhabi Taxis

Great Tips To Get Around the UAE

Taxis are one of the best ways to get around Abu Dhabi, the silver taxi cabs are clean and new and the older cabs are white and yellow.

The white and yellow cabs are no longer legal and they are unmetered. The newer cabs have meters and educated drivers.

There is no shortage of taxis in Abu Dhabi, with at least 10,000 on the road.

You can also see pink taxis on the Abu Dhabi roads, these are driven by women and meant for females and children under the age of 10.

In the city, you can flag down a taxi, order by phoning one of the numbers given below or get a taxi from one of the taxi stands near the shopping centers.

Long distance taxi rides can be taken from the main bus station and here you can also find shared taxis for certain routes. Drivers must operate the meter, it is illegal for them to turn the meter off and negotiate a set price.

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Abu Dhabi Limousine Service and Executive Taxis

All of the companies listed below also offer “Premium” Taxi services where larger and better cars are used, they also offer limousine services.

The Fast Company and National Taxi Company offer limousine transportation from the airport to the city 24/7. Limousines don’t use a meter but fixed prices according to destinations which are displayed at the airport taxi stand.

Abu Dhabi International Airport Private Transferer offers transport from the airport to the city for about $31.5 per person in a Volvo or Cadillac. Read more about Airport Transfer here.

How Much does an Abu Dhabi Taxi Cost?

6am – 10pm – Starting fee of 3.50AED plus 1AED for every kilometer up to 50km.

Over 50km rides cost 1.5AED per kilometer.

Waiting time is 0.5AED per minute after the first 5 minutes which are free. If you book through the call center it is an extra 3AED.

10pm – 6am – There is a minimum fare of 10AED plus a 4AED starting fee and 1AED for every kilometer up to 50km and 1.8AED for every kilometer over 50km.

For every minute waiting there is an extra 0.5AED after the first free 5 minutes. If bookings through the call center you pay an extra 4AED.

These prices were correct as of October 2012 and may vary.

List of Abu Dhabi Taxi Companies

TransAD – 600 53 53 53

Abu Dhabi has a taxi regulator – TransAD, they run a 24/7 call center.

You can book a taxi through the hotline (600 53 53 53) where Arabic and English speaking staff will take your call.

The center uses a GPS tracking system and data base to provide the best service possible.

Al Arabia Taxi (2) 558 8099

Primarily operating in Dubai and Ajman but with a new fleet of 1021 taxis introduced to Abu Dhabi.

The company partners include powerful UAE business men and the emphasis is on quality and service.

Al Ghazal Taxi (site under construction) – (2) 444 7787

As a subsidiary of ADNHC (National Hotels) this company guarantees top quality service and they deal in bus transportation and rental cars as well as taxis.

The company has over 1,000 taxis driven by well trained drivers in Al Ain, the Western Region as well as Abu Dhubi. They provide taxi services 24/7.

The company has been around for at least 20 years and has a good reputation. They also have a limousine service which can be booked like their taxis through the 24 hour call center.

National Taxi – (2) 555 2212, (2) 6222240

This franchise of Duai Taxi Agency was established in 2000. The taxi headquarters are located in the Al Quoze Industrial Area.

With a fleet of over 1020 taxis this company has been a pioneer in Abu Dhabi taxi services. They were the first company to provide electronically printed receipts and they are always service orientated.

Emirates Taxi – 600 53 53 53

Mainly based in the city of Sharjah but more recently has begun operating in Abu Dhabi. They also own Fast Rent-A-Car, Fast Express and Fast Limo.

The company gives their drivers an intensive training course and the company has won several awards for service.

Tawasul Transport – (2) 6734444

These taxis are owned by Das Holdings and they operate taxis as well as other forms of public transport.

The drivers undergo training programs and get incentives rewards for quality and polite service. Their appearance and the taxi’s appearance is inspected daily.

They also have a business taxi for luxury VIP travel, female drivers for female passengers and large taxis for groups.

Do I Need to Tip my Taxi Driver in the UAE?

Tipping is generally not needed but passengers generally round up to the next round number. For example, if your fare is 28AED is it customary to give 30AED to the driver.

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