Expatriate Lifestyle in the UAE

What can you look forward to in your new life in Abu Dhabi? 

Your new life in Abu Dhabi will look like the oasis it was built upon. There are more job opportunities in Abu Dhabi than most places, there is also a large community of expats already living there. In fact, there are more expats than Emiratis in Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi expat life is in one word- lovely! You can still enjoy your night life, shopping, entertainment, and trips to the beaches in Abu Dhabi. You’ll move at a slower pace in Abu Dhabi, but you generally won’t have to worry about crime or theft because they are rarities. You can hire a maid or helper at a reasonable rate making running a house so much easier!

There are things to do at all hours in Abu Dhabi! The daytime shops owned my the locals use the half day hours while other businesses still use the 9 to 5 hours of work. (apart from the month of Ramadan when things are VERY quiet!)

Restaurants and bars are open late.There is so much choice you will be spoiled!

The city of Abu Dhabi is much more open than other cities and is also very family friendly. For children, life in Abu Dhabi is a breeze. Visits to the beach, playgrounds, and green parks that are especially designed for enjoyment are always open to children. Great international schools and an array of after school activities await!

When moving to Abu Dhabi, you’ll need to remember the local people are Muslims and foreigners must respect the local rules and traditions. Honor and respect their laws and rules and you won’t have any problems as an Abu Dhabi expat. Make sure you visit the Sheik Zayed Mosque- they will explain many Muslim traditions and also answer any questions you have about the religion.It’s a great experience!

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There is always a period of cultural adjustment, but you would have that even if you moved from England to America. Most Emiratis are very helpful and friendly. Abu Dhabi is an easy city to settle into with many services available and many others in the same boat to help you out!

The summer months are stifling, but most buildings have air conditioning. There are plenty of islands surrounding the Arabian Gulf to visit. The area is amazing with its gorgeous vistas and low lying islands, not to mention the desert.

The sun can be brutal, but if you pay attention to when you go out in it you won’t have much trouble with sunburns. Do be careful of the sidewalks, they can heat up to burn your bare feet. It is not easy to run across the pavement on an Abu Dhabi summer day-I have done it a few times and it HURTS!

There is so much to see and do in Abu Dhabi- Ride a camel out into the desert to enjoy the sunset, take a bike and ride along the Corniche (waterfront), or kayak or sail in the crystal clear waters! . Finally, don’t forget do some dune bashing while you’re in Abu Dhabi. Read more about the attractions in the city here.

Night clubbing is still a lot of fun, a little different than other places, but still great for socializing. Remember, drink alcohol only indoors in a licensed establishment and be sure you have a liquor license if you are a resident. Hire a taxi to take you home as there is a zero tolerance for alcohol and driving.

Enjoy your life in Abu Dhabi and make the most of this amazing city! For Abu Dhabi expats life is usually good and you’ll be able to create great memories by trying new things and having experiences that only happen in the Middle East!

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