The Suburbs of the UAE capital

If you are moving to Abu Dhabi emirate you may be thinking about where to live. Or if you are a tourist perhaps you want to explore some of the off the beaten track areas!

The suburbs or areas of Abu Dhabi can be confusing to newcomers or tourists! Here is an in-depth look at the neighborhoods and suburbs in Abu Dhabiwith details about the location, housing, schools, health facilities, services and entertainment.

Abu Dhabi is divided broadly in to two areas -one the Mainland and one the Island. Those living on the mainland tend to advocate for that and those on the island for that- at the end of the day it is a personal choice -do you want a villa or a flat? Do you want to be in the thick of things or in a quieter location? If you have kids how far away is it to their school?

Click on the areas of Abu Dhabi below to read more detailed information about each area to help you make a wise decision on where to live Abu Dhabi!

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Where to Live in Abu Dhabi Emirate?

On the Mainland

Living on the Mainland in Abu Dhabi Emirate is a popular option as you are close to the airport, only 45 min or so to Dubai and have access to many of the local international schools.

Read more about school choices here.

Popular Expat Areas

On Abu Dhabi Island

The island of Abu Dhabi is the heart of the city, where the action is both commercially and where recreation is concerned with the popular Corniche and the beaches along the coast.

There are many small communities on the island often within villa compounds but click the links below for the highlights of some of the more prominent areas.

Living on the island is convenient with a wide array of restaurants, shopping malls and attractions within walking distance, the ease of flagging a taxi down in seconds and the buzz of the city

Areas on the Island of Abu Dhabi

Downtown Abu Dhabi

West Abu Dhabi (Al Gharbia)

Central Abu Dhabi

Growth of Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is a fast growing place with new developments and areas constantly appearing! I know very often my GPS tells me to turn left but it is blocked due to a new building going up so please do let us know any changes you find so we can help others!

Perhaps you are interested in learning more about the fabulous architecture of the UAE capital?

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